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Snack Ideas

Hi im new to SW ive got my first weigh in on wednesday, but im doing it from home. Ive got some great ideas from minimins for meal ideas but what does everyone have apart from fruit to snack on? i need something to bring to work for in an afternoon i dont have acecss to a kettle or anything so any ideas on what i can bring? Im doing the extra easy plan. Thanks!:D
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Hi do you like Alpen bars? I was told that 2 of them qualify as 1 HEXb. Also ASDA style quavers are only 3.5 syns and my favourite are curly wurly bars. They are 6 syns each and I pop one in the freezer to have as an evening treat... it lasts all night lol.
I try to only snack on fruit and yoghurt if I can. I have pretty big meals but do still like to snack between them so I always have a banana to hand!
How about a pot of FF cottage cheese and some carrot sticks?

Or you can have crab sticks (if you like them) cooked meats boiled eggs, the list is endless really!
I have Fuller for Longer yogurts which are tasty & filling. If I fancy something sweet or chocolatey Ill have a Galaxy hot chocolate or curly wurly. Ive also bought from Poundland WW crisps, nacho cheese tortillas are lovely & only 4 syns.


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i have ryvita crackerbreads you can have 6 for a behalthy b have them with laughing cow on 5 for healthy a
I have some Slimming World Bran Crispbread that i got in my pack for being slimmer of the week. Can these be classed as a HEXb as well?
I have some Slimming World Bran Crispbread that i got in my pack for being slimmer of the week. Can these be classed as a HEXb as well?

You get 5 for a B choice or they are half a syn each. Be careful though, 5 can really "bung you up" so to speak!! If you can munch through 5 of them that is! :D


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I have some Slimming World Bran Crispbread that i got in my pack for being slimmer of the week. Can these be classed as a HEXb as well?
As already said you can have them as a HEb but as they are only half a syn each I would just syn them and save your HEB for something more worthwhile ;)


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I love these crackerbreads! I struggled to find the wholegrain ones but am so glad I did :)
I've never seen the wholegrain ones so as an alternative I get corn cakes. At the moment I have Real Foods corn cakes (1 syn each or as a HEB) but Holland and Barrett have the Kallo ones which are even better syn wise

Kallo Organic Low Fat Corn Cakes, Thin Slice, Lightly Salted, Gluten Free 2 cakes

Original 1½ Syns
Green 1½ Syns

Or their rice cakes are also nice and tasty.


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How about some veggie sticks and dip? You could make a free hummus using tinned chickpeas, 2 heaped tablespoons fat free natural yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Blitz together and there's your hummus! Keeps well in the fridge and you can dip into it all day. You can do the same with tinned tuna, natural yogurt, gherkins etc as well. Or smoked salmon blended with quark for a salmon pate. All great with veggie sticks or ryvita crispbreads if you're prepared to syn them.


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I am not mad on fruit I have to admit so the fat free yogurts are a live saver. Try freezing them as a great alternative to ice cream. Pieces of chicken cooked with skin removed work well too if you are not on Green. Boiled eggs are useful though it's not a good idea to eat a lot. Cold left over rice on a green day can be sprinkled with soy sauce and a couple of veg thrown in. The fat free supernoodles are syn free on Green and Extra easy if you are interested.

Syn wise I go for Jaffa cakes (2.5 each), Milky bars (5 syns per small bar), and the odd very rich Thorntons truffle (3.5 syns per choc). If I need a choc fix but don't have a massive amount of syns to play with I ether have a cup of options (2 syns) or chop up one choc finger (1.5 syns) and mix in a fat free yogurt.


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Ha! Just seen how old this thread is!
i like cereal bars, there's loads to choose from, just check the syns before as some are quite high. i love tesco light choices cranberry and blackcurrant cereal bars 3 1/2 syns. coco pop rock bar 4 syns. boots have some snacks that are not too bad like shapers onion rings 3 syns, chocolate mint nougat bar 4 syns. nice for a treat if you want to use your syns for them

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