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Snacks during induction stage?


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For snacks: pieces of cheese, pepperami's, bits of cooked meats, some prawns in a bit of mayo etc, etc.

As for cravings, they will pass but it's really tough if you're anything like me! I've started taking a chromium supplement that's meant to help suppress sugar cravings.
pork crunch and pork scratchings are a great snack. mini baby bell cheese, pepperami's.
as for the sugar cravings then try having a glass of coke zero and see if that helps!


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I have sugar free jelly when I get choc cravings, and snack mostly on bits of cheese or pork crunch...I don't really snack that much now because I'm just not hungry enough now I'm in ketosis.
i have celery dipped in peanut butter, this is gorgeous, but make sure you count your carbs :)
i have (in desperate times) had a small piece of 85% coco chocolate (green n blacks) as that is low carb, but i would not recommend it in the initial induction phase as its to detox the suger etc out of your system. I only did it after the second week when everyone around me was gorging and i thought its better then having a full blow out :)


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Cook up meat and use that to pick at, I love salami and cream cheese or any cheese rolled up. You will find that you dont feel hungry after a while and the urge to pick totally goes. Most of us are finding it hard to eat as we dont get hungry
mattesons smoked sausage is brill...no carbs at all!
(as i found out today)

Philly from the tube *blush*
after a week or so, there will only be atkins food in the fridge, so anything you fancy out of there will do lol....

cravings DO go....honestly :D

Scratchings rule! :D


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They bloody do Jim!

I could eat some now mmmmm :D but it would mean moving off my fat butt and walking to the garage to get some.


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I don't think we have pork scratchings over here :( I also hate 'plastic cheese' so babybels and cheese strings are out :(
I usually put some parma ham in the oven to crisp it up and munch on that during the day. It's also much cheaper from lidl or aldi than any of the other supermarkets.
Tuna mayo is another great stand by.
Pepperami or jerky, along with mini snack cheeses, scratchings are out because they are moreish and have way too much fat. Coke zero, jelly and chupa chups for my sugar cravings. I have also ordered some low carb cake mix and cakes online as I have been having massive cravings for cake.

MIM's with a bit of cocoa powder are good for chocolate cravings


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Pork crunch eewwww!
Scratchings every time & bit of pig hair won't hurt, lol.

I tried pork crunch, but it tasted like polystyrene!
But the fat is good Steph.


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What about cheese crisps? Put some grated cheese onto greaseproof paper and cook until bubbly and brown. Take out of oven and cool. Yum. Been thinking about using marmite cheddar for these.


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What a FAB idea Cheryl! I love it x


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I cant take full credit as i read it somewhere, but using marmite cheese, i can only imagine them to taste extra scrummy


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*drools* gosh I want these now!

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