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Sneaking back in the door....

Well here I am again ladies :wave_cry: I am going to give CD one last try! I do find it really hard-as I am sure that you all do but I must just have no willpower :cry:Over the past few weeks I have felt really unenthused with food, I have some personal issues which mean I will be a silly girl if I can't stick to CD this time and get a decent amount of weight off and also I am only 31 (nearly 32!!!) and already I am sure that my hips have started to hurt from the extra weight :eek: So Monday is Day 1 (again) and I have enough packs to get me through week 1 which is a good job really because my CDC is on holiday at the moment. I really want to stick to it this time so any help and support that I can gain would be fab :D

You really are all an inspiration and I hope that keeps me going :wavey:
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:) Restarting on Monday! I am really nervous because this will be the third formal restart and I NEVER get very far but I have to this time :(

Good luck for tomorrow hun!!! Your twins are gorgeous by the way xx
Thanks Daisy - they are 4 years old now and little terrors!

Hun don't worry about how many restarts you have had! This is my umpteenth! BUT for some reason this time I am determined to do it this time!



Good luck to you both on your restarts, I restarted again today....I've lost count on how many times this is but it's not important..the important thing is we are starting again. xx
Thanks Jools and Vicx! Good luck to you both on your journeys! You both sound very motivated so I am sure that you are both going to do VERY well!

Jool, I bet they are still gorgeous! My hubby and I really want to start a family and I have fertility problems so losing weight is a big part of that for me! Photos like yours make me realise that it will all be worth while ;)
Hun I had fertility problems too. I have a 10 year old daughter who took 2 years to concieve. I was told I had cysts on my ovaries that were so bad my tubes were totally blocked and that I wouldn't have any more ... well proved them wrong didn't I! with 4 year old identical twin boys! Conceived naturally too.



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Good luck with your restart peeps ,please take a look at peeps like porgeous this does work and it works quickly so give it extra willpower this time :vibes::vibes:good vibes coming your way .What ever happens to try and make you stray from the path come on here and let us try and help you through it keep busy and focused .

Most important never give up one day it will all just come together and you will wonder what took you so long.Make that day now xxxx
Thanks Mandy!! You and Porgeous are people that I often look at! You both are really inspirational and have done SO well!!

Jools - Fingers crossed for us then hun!!! Conceiving naturally would be amazing :) xxx
Sorry Nikki, I didn't mean to ignore you, I think that we cross posted! I want to lose at least 6 stone and then am going to take it from there! :)
I think Porgeous's pics are amazing and I had to do a double take on Mandy's too!

We will get there hunni!

I want / need to lose 6 stones. god I can't believe Ive just written that.

Good luck on the restarts gals!

Aww thank you so much, I'm glad they inspire others as I used to look at those that had gone before me to get my inspiration.

I can't wait to see all your before and afters xxx
Thanks Porgeous! I have had a look at your photo link tonight! You look fabulous!! You should be so proud of yourself and never tire of hearing how well you have done hun!!!
Thank you again, I kind of use the pictures as a deterrent now, I find it very hard to look at the underwear pictures but in some ways that helps keep me on the straight and narrow if you see what I mean!


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