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snotted a copper o/t


a new way of living!

well not literally!

I took the dog a walk down the Greenway, its an old railway line converted to a nature walk and runs between stratford and long marston.

as the bull dog bash in on in long marston, and the police dont want them terrorising the walkers on the green way, they are patroling the walk.

well they took a fancy to my zebedee (large boxer) and was fussing him....

so he jumps up at one copper, dirties his uniform.... i pull him back and apologise... then the little bugger shakes his head (with large slobbery snot infested cheeks) and sprays snot all over the copper!

in his face - on his uniform, i mean everywhere!

needless to say i made a sharp exit before they locked us both up!


made me laugh anyway :D
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Eloquent hooligan
hahahaha :D

I used to go to Long Marston in the mid 90s for the Phoenix festie :) It was like Glasto but closer (I was living in Redditch) - top part of the world :)


a new way of living!
never lived there, but worked there, although the local sign on the a435 has had the 'red' blacked out, so it just says 'ditch' ;)

are you local then? we should have a meet with any other local-ish people in brum/warwick/stratford/redditch where ever.


Eloquent hooligan
I go home quite regular to see friends / family & the mighty Aston Villa but have been living in Portsmouth since 1995 :) I only came down for a long weekend lol
Ha, msblonde can I borrow your dog to take to Warwick to see my ex, perhaps he'll be kind enough to do a repeat performance! Love you pic in the avatar, when did you have it taken, you look gorgeous?


a new way of living!
That is so funny!! The most embarassing thing my little westie ever did was cock his leg and pee on another westies face!!!

thanks hope - it was ten years ago, i was about 9st 10lbs (11s 2lbs at the mo) funny it was the only nice piccie out of the whole collection!

yeah zebby is for hire, i dont mind 'tarting' him out lol ;)
he was well and truly 'doggy styled'

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