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So disheartened!! :-(


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Okay, so I made a thread last week talking about a jumper that I put on that finally made me realised I looked different.. I did a load of washing earlier.. and instead of my lovely cream and gold jumper being lovely and cream and gold.. it is now a wishywashy navy and gold!.. I am devastated!
It wouldn't be so bad but I have just felt really down and negative about my weightloss.. feel a bit like I have hit the 'can't get that stone' brick wall I am 2 and half lbs off the 3 stone and I am just so depressed!!

I am really depressed about about being single and lonely as well, right now I just feel really rubbish!! :-(

There we go complain over :(
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just one of thoes days hun try and focus on your great weightloss so far you have done really well , tomorrow all will be better :D:D:D:D


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Oh boo to the washing machine! :mad: Any chance you can get a new jumper, different but lovely nonetheless? Have you taken a photo of yourself? I bet if you do you'll see the difference. ;)

I know about the lonely bit, now I'm finally losing weight I want someone, but imagine I'd freak if a bloke asked me out! :eek:

I'm so sorry you're feeling down Stacey, get out for a good long walk tomorrow and it'll do you the power of good. Be proud of yourself for all you've done so far, imagine where you'll be come Christmas!!!! :eek::D:D:D
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Hiya! This is my first post as I am new today. I wish I was in your position at nearly the 3 stone lost point! I have 6 stone to lose and so would be half way. You cannot feel worse than you did when you started and you have done so well that the prospect of remaining single must be diminishing just as you are! Keep going, you are an inspiration x
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Awww that's so sad, I hope it can be rescued, try washing it a few times and it might boot the navy intruder out. If not, pop out and treat yourself to something new, one of the things I am looking forward to most is that moment when I go to try on some clothes in my normal size and find they are too big. Buy yourself something new in your new size and celebrate, maybe it was meant to happen so that you could do that!
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Why don't you try one of those rescue packets for getting dye out of clothing? They're by the washing powder and stain removers inthe supermarket, you soak clothes that have been washed with darks by mistake and it gets the spare dye out - they're great!

I suspect it's less about the jumper though, sometimes these things just act as a little trigger, don't they? I had a leak in my ceiling this weekend after spending 5 months getting my entire house repaired after a burst pipe, completely set me off! Had a massive binge and felt ten times worse afterwards.... Wish i'd stuck to plan and told myself a loss at WI this week would make me feel better instead!! :(

Chin up chuck, you're doing really well, and the only way forward is to stick to plan and keep losing - no going back now!! x
Hope your feeling a little better today honey?

I agree - try one of those vanish things, there's some that are just for whites, that might work!

AND, don't you be feeling bad about your weight - 3 stone is a massive amount to have lost - you just try putting 3 stones worth of tins or something in shopping bags, lift it & then think about how bl**dy fantastic you have done!!!

Mr.Right is out there somewhere too, when you start to feel batter about yourself you will have the confidence to get out there & meet him x x

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