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I will succeed!!!
Holy mackrel!!! I bought the EE book at group tonight and the recipes are amazing!!!

I am so looking forwards to giving it a whirl and going to get OH to help pick our weeks meals so I can go to the supermarket tomorrow and get the stuff.

Yummy - the chicken and leak pie is first on menu :D :D
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Good luck with it hun!

Im still scared to give EE a try, i really dont think it will work for me as i've always had better losses on high protein/low carb diets so the thought of eating unlimited amounts of carbs and protein in the same meal frightenes the hell outta me!

Let us all know how you get on :)
had always done green but EE is seeming appealing!

what do others think on EE?



I will succeed!!!
Good luck with it hun!

Im still scared to give EE a try, i really dont think it will work for me as i've always had better losses on high protein/low carb diets so the thought of eating unlimited amounts of carbs and protein in the same meal frightenes the hell outta me!

Let us all know how you get on :)
Same here!!! I prefer red days as love fish etc.


I want to give it a go to see for self. Plus, if I enjoy it, I might be able to have red-green-EE weeks where I can plan meals around all three. But will do a few full weeks on EE first before dabble!

:) x
Oooh let us know how you get on .... I love the idea of EE and the first week my mate did it, she lost 7lb (she has about 2 stone to lose in total) and she found it easy peasy.

I soooo need to try it ..... just a bit of a scaredy pants at the mo! lol

Good luck with it, keep us updated.



I want to be fitter again
When I did EE even with being meticulous with my HEX i put on half pound both weeks I tried it. So back to mainly green days for me . I haven't a huge amount to loose and I've always ate fairly healthy so i don't know if that had anything to do with it. It is very easy so give it a try and see what you think.xx


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hi hun

if you been reading my threads in past few days well you will see how i keep going on about the ee cookbook.

Yes ive cooked everyday from it and its all been gawjus, and that chick and leek pie mmmmmmmmm you will love it.

Will let you no on thursday how i do at wi as been such good girl on it and im amazed how much more happier i am in general cos of eating different and lovely food, even my kids have noticed.

Good luck and happy cooking :D
i love extra easy!! iv lost every week on it(except this week but had a bad week and stil only half a pound gain)
and the cookbook is amazing! im made so many dishes in it and im loving it!!
tell us how you get on
Hey Sticky...
Can i be rude and ask how much you paid for it in class.?
I dont go to a class and I was just wondering because I see one on Ebay but the bidding is going crazy for it, and I dont want to rip myself off. lol


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It's £4.95 in class (or 99 ) I hung my nose over it last night! But I've only just bought the curry one!

I've done it since day 1 and I've nearly lost 2 stone. I shall stay on it till I hit a plateau. Just remember that because it's different then it may show as a gain the first week if you've been doing red, it's just a water thing and will even itself out. The other thing is, yes it's unlimited carbs and protein, but you only eat till you're full! It's not a licence to have as much protein as on a red day plus as many carbs as on a green, I think that's where most folk who find it doesn't work go wrong.Our leader admitted that herself and put 1.5lb on.


I will succeed!!!
Thanks everyone. Will keep you posted and let you know next week how WI went.

Thanks for the tips and info - I'm hoping it'll give me a good boost. Though I prefer red days, we've been skint this month so we've done more green than usual, so hopefully the change won't be too drastic.

I think this will help me get over this lull I've felt this two weeks gone too - just hope it doesn't have a negative impact! :D



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Started ee yesterday. Not much left to lose, but hit a plateau so fancied a change. It certainly seems easier - I've got people coming for dinner tonight and I'm sure it will work better. Keep us posed on how it goes, Sticky.
Just thought I would share with you that I use any cookery book and just adapt the receipies to SW eg, dry fry evrything, change cream for half fat yogurt or creme freche(sp?), cheese for half fat cheddar etc. Its not as difficult as you think it may be.
Hi Sticky, I have been on EE since day 1 (it was the only option available when I joined online). So far, I have lost nearly 2 and a half stone on it. I love it as it like a "normal" diet, rather than an artificial removal of a food group. I haven't bought the new recipe book yet, but I will. Currently, I tend to add whatever is missing from either red or green recipes. I also agree with CharlotteGrace that non-SW recipes can be made SW-friendly.
I've been doing extra easy for the past 2 weeks. Lost 2lbs the first week and 2½ the second. I am so much happier on it that on red and green and as someone above says, you can easily adapt virtually any recipe to it. EG I'm currently looking at Ainsley Harriots Low Fat Meal in Minutes.....loads of ideas in there, I get loads of good recipes from Good Food magazine as well as my many WW recipe books!

As a "rule of thumb" I do try to have 1/3rd of each meal as superfree foods from the "golden pages" as I find this helps. So last night, when I had Pork Saag and Rice, I added extra veg into the curry itself, but also I followed it with a bowl of fruit and a muller lite.

Anyway, good luck with your weight losses, whatever method you follow :)

Andy R.

Time for a change
Ive been doing EE for about a month now and its great, so flexible. Ive posted this elsewhere before but the lasagne is awesome. so chuffed with myself, cos was the first id ever made and it tasted pretty great and looked the part, i should have took some pics really, before i wolfed it all down. Hope its works out for ya Sticky

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