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So, here we go.....

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by OnMyWayToTarget, 25 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. OnMyWayToTarget

    OnMyWayToTarget New Member

    Well this is my first week at SW, I went to my first meeting on Friday and weighed in at 13st 10lbs.:(

    I have done every diet out there, weight watchers, just slim, slim fast, high protein, rosemary Conley, and many more.

    This needs to be the last time I do this, I have 2 beautiful children, my 30th Birthday is fast approaching and I'm sick to death of not wearing clothes I like, I ave a wardrobe of lovely clothes that I've been waiting to get into, this time I do it.

    So far I feel like I'm eating such a lot, lots of eggs, pasta, veg and fruit, I've been cooking from scratch and even making my breakfast the night before to be organised, my biggest downfall is that I love pop, I drink loads of the stuff, I don't drink alcohol or smoke and seems to be my new addiction, I havn't had any since Thursday and I already feel better, I did have 2 days of headaches and feeling really tired but much better now.

    So here we go the start of a new me, slimmer, happier and a better role model.:)
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  3. OnMyWayToTarget

    OnMyWayToTarget New Member

    Well weigh day tomorrow, had a blip yesterday, I don't know why but I did, BUT back on track today, I've made a pasta salad with loads of veg for lunch, diet coke quorn for dinner and rice, and had yogurt and banana for breakfast, feeling good and looking forward to weigh in tomorrow :)
  4. OnMyWayToTarget

    OnMyWayToTarget New Member

    Lost 4lbs! Really happy with that :) I'm hoping for 3lbs this week to get my 1/2 stone. I'm feeling much better already, I've got more energy and I'm sleeping better.
    Now we're in March it suddenly seems like summers close, so my goal is to have a perfect sw month to really kick start my weight loss. It's a shame I can't do much exercise, I've hurt my ankle, no idea how, it's been months and I'm waiting for a physio appointment, can't get in until the beginning of April! It's so frustrating, I'd bought myself running shoes and a running pushchair, now I can't get started, but I know if I do this 100% I'll still lose what I want to, it'll just take a bit longer.

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