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so, how much water have we all drank today?

they say 2 litres minimum that does not include tea, coffee and your shakes/soup. I do between 4 and 6 litres a day


weighs a lot less
about 4 litres so far,im really thirsty today,must be the lovely sunshine x
just short of 3 pints 2 pint a litre roughly. That conversion is ok in small amounts but dont use that for large quantities
sorry litres
0.4723 litres = 1 pint to be exacthttp://www.worldwidemetric.com/metcal.htm
i am just starting litre number 6! its great stuff isnt it x
Had 4 litres already - usually stick between 5 & 6 most days like FTT - some days harder as I work an area for a bank and in the car a lot - am learning where all the supermarkets are recently as regular stops are always needed - I am sure you can all understnd.....
Gary - that's ace mate - had to use an empty oil bottle the other day - very tricky - never thought about light aircraft pilots - suppose you are in the know from the job - might get some of these as a laugh for the rest of the team - cheers lol
Gaz - just had a closer look - wondered why the moulded chocks were a suggested accessory?????!!!! Bizarre!
no they are chocks to stop aeroplanes moving. A seperate item lol


weighs a lot less
omg have you got some of them,16oz doesnt sound that much compared to what you actually wee ,can you fit in it ok or do they make different widths lolxx
men and women types available. I usually just use a water bottle. Many years back though flying over the Sahara I hung it out of the door at 5000 ft lol

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