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so how much weight does everyone want to lose?


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hello all :D

just wondering how much weight do you all want to get rid of???

i have alot to lose :( i want to lose at least 6/7 stone by the time i go on holiday to south africa in october ive lost just under 2 stone now so 4/5 to go!but i still want to lose more when i come back,i know it sounds a long shot but i want to be 10 stone lighter (from when i started)
ive never told anybody how much i weigh its always been a huge thing for me,ha ha literaly! but here we go! when i started i weighed 19.12!!!!!
im only 20 so kind of hoping the weight will carry on dropping off and wont have too much skin left!

other people who have a lot to lose post i want to hear from you all! it such a long journey for me i need other people to do it with:D
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Hi Heather

I was 14 stone and wanna lose about 4 stone lost 9lbs yesterday so its a good start!! I was the same never told anyone how much my weight ment to me carried on being the happy go lucky girl but really i was so upset about how i looked. Think i hit rock bottom when my size 18 jeans started getting tight! But heres to a new slim us!!!

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Well I want to lose 6 stone which will take me from 15st to 9st which is pretty much the top weight for my height so I may go down a little more but I will decide that when I am much closer :D


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Hi, I'm 15st 3lb and would like to be about 10st I once got down to 9st but found it impossible to maintain. however the chemist advised me to aim for 11st and see how I feel. So thats 4/5 stone. Good luck all we CAN do it.
I'm new to this forum too - been noseying on it for a while but just joined. I want to lose ideally 5 stone in total. I have lost 22ib so far so another 48 to go which would take me to the top end of the ideal weight range for my height
HI hevGsd, me and you are in the same boat, I'm on my first week and I weighed in at oh my god hate saying it - 19stone 5lb I'm 5ft 10 and should be about 12 1/2 stone.
How did you lose your 2 stone and how long you been doing it?
Hope to speak soon
Also another newbie!

I'm aiming to lose approx 145 pounds, (as proudly displayed in my ticker!! ;0) ) this would result in my BMI dropping from 43.3 to a nice healthy 22 ish.

This means shifting over half my actual weight now, which is a scary thought.

Don't know about anyone else. but when I look in the mirror, sometimes I don't look as big as I weigh IYGWIM? So the thought of losing 10 stone odd is quite daunting! I'm guessing its because it's all hidden away on my backside :eek:


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S: 20st5lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st5lb(6.67%)
hello redpen!:D

ive been on LT for since november last year doctors told me to stop for my operation,then op was canceled so had to wait, finaly after 4 canceled ops!! i had it in feb then developed a infection in my wound so had to come off LT agian till i was out of hospital! that was about 7weeks ago so been on since then.i weighed 23stone last year and lost 3 while messing about inbetween all the hospital appointments.
i cant remember my ideal weight but im only 5ft 3 so think it will be around 9/10stone???

good luck with it,im sure you'll do great! :D
good luck for 2moro redpen. I would like to lose bout 5 stone. coming off it in 3 weeks so hopefully i should reach 4 before i come off it then the rest is up to me. 5 weeks down 3 to go.


Finally a size 12!
Yeah when i told people i was like 14 stone they were like no way!!!! But the scales dont lie!!


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hey everyone... well my sceal is that when I started I was over 15st and Im now down to 13st. I want to aim to get to 11st and then lose the rest on the maintenance....
Hi all i was 15st 6lb in feb when i started ive nearly lost 2 st so im half way there just another 2 stone to lose then i will be 11st 6lb which i have been before and i felt comfy at that
Hi Heather! I'm 5'11 and weigh 11stone (154lbs) I would ideally like to lose another stone but finding it a struggle to cut out foods i love like cakes,biscuits and chocolate. I have managed to lose 7lbs tho which doesnt seem much but at least it's something:)
I started at 14 stone 7 and i'm now 12 stone 1 so i've lost 34 pounds! need to lose 29 more pounds to get down to 10 stone :)


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I am sure you can do it hun...and like you said your young...the skin thing shouldnt be an issue...make sure you do toning exercise...dyna bands are great for the arms and you can do them whilst watching TV and crunches & reverse curls for the tummy and lower abs xxx
I am looking to loose a further 2 stone ish..and get back to a size 8 i was just after my second son xxx

xx Cathy xx

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My heaviest before LT was 15st 2lb. I'm now 12st 7lb now and i'd like to get to 11st before my Wedding in August! I don't want to have those arm cleavages between your boobs and your armpit in my dress and I want my flabby arms and huge bum to shrink!


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Well it depends on whose scales you use. Pharmacist weighs me at half stone heavier than mine so by hers I was 15stone 2lbs and am now 13stone 12.5lbs. I would be happy at 11 stone. I am 5ft 5". But much less than that and I just can't maintain it. However it is looking like I may have to do it in 2 stints. Think I will do 4 more weeks tfr and then will have to travel to Ethiopia for 5 weeks and it would not be possible to do it away. But that is not definite yet and I would prefer to stay on it and get it over with in one go.

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