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so i went to see the nurse........AAGGHH!..

And it turns out there is nothing she can do to help!

So from the begining..
I went to see the nurse to ask for help to bring down my BMI, she asked what ive been eating so i told her Ive been trying WW for 2.5 weeks now and what ive been eating also my exercise routine and she was really impressed!! I also told her i havent lost any weight yet and her pearls of wisdome were "persevere".

apparently going from atkins to WW will make my weight loss slow to start. Is this true? any nurses out there??
Im getting really annoyed with myself, TOM is over now and im still the same weight... well bobbing between 13.2 and 13.3.... plz can someone take a look at my food diary and tell me where im going wrong?

Im eating:
tuna, brown bread, quarn burgers, chicken, egg may, ww yogarts, jacket potato, fish fingers, beans, muchy peas, (one a week) chappati with curry.

roughly all week, plus i exercise:
monday &friday- lateral thigh trainer (20 mins)

tuesday & thursday toning, hand weights (10-15 mins)

Wednesday - work out DVD (20 mins)
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most people who come from low carb diets, or food replacement diets find exactly the same as you - try and keep your carb intake low at first and introduce a little more each week if you need them.

I find bread in particular has a really negative effect on my weightloss (and not always because i eat the whole loaf LOL :p) so i try to keep my bread intake on the low side and when I do, i do find my weight losses are better xx
thanks for the tip!
i have actually been eating bread most dasy as its easier for lunch at work.Ok will revamp my weeks menu to try eat less bread. My worst carb is pasta to be honest any form or pasta makes me bloated and gain weight. I will also try cutting that out for a week or so...

ok.. fell like im getting somewhere... changes are good!
thanks for that! Will it start to come off after a while? i dont want to go low carb again u see...
Hi, if you swop the bread for wholegrain ryvita, you will a difference. If I eat bread - I'm lucky to stay the same, and that's only 2 slices. Also, if you can try some home made soup - it's a great zero point filler


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Have you tried weighing your food?(except your free veg). I have always eaten healthily and could never understand why i was overweight:(. I suffer from portion distortion so I find that if i weigh and point my food then i KNOW that i'm doing everything by the book:D So far so good - WW always has worked for me

Just a thought - Good luck;)

I'm just on a healthy eating plan at home no clubs etc, i found that if i eat carbs everyday i bloat out like a balloon & gain weight.
I don't eat bread at all, sometimes i have a wholemeal pita with chichen & salad but have that at lunch which gives me the rest of the day to burn it off. I also only have a jacket potato 2 twice a week & again eat it at lunch.
Portion control played a major part in my weight loss, i used a side plate to start which in my mind a full small plate didn't look as bad as a half empty dinner plate.
I never ate after 5.30pm & drank at least 8 glasses of water everyday.

We all have up & down weeks but it will be worth it in the end.

Instead of a nurse ask your gp to refer you to a nutritionist they can work out what foods are good & bad for you, after all we are all different.

Keep trying & good luck


Don't worry, be happy :)
Hey Sona,
I agree that if you've eaten low carb before starting ww then added quite a lot of them (even within your points) then your weight loss will be slower.
I did low GL before is started ww and was eating basically no carbs other than loads of veg and it took me a few weeks to adjust to them when I started ww.
I only really started to lose more after 3rd WI.
So i agree with your nurse, hang on in there and your work will show soon.
Oh and remember to drink lots of water when your exercising or your body will hold on to loads of water weight, drink and extra litre for every hour of exercise done.:)
Hey ladies!
wow thanks for the responce!

well I weight most my food - if i have more than the recomended allowence for that recipe i always add the extra point or two. Have decided to cut back on cheese and pasta.

Im eating bread 4 times a week, during the afternoon for lunches at work. To be honest i dont think it is the bread... i did have pasta... which im going to stop or atleast cut back to once a week if at all.
My brown bread is my main fiber intake as im not keen on weekabix and cant stand the other wheat based cereals. I dont want to push food i dnt like as i know i'l just ive up!

Im working on the water! I try to drink 3 glasses at work on break times and a big pint before and after my dinner. That is about all i can muster!

Im going to up the mins on my monday and friday stepper workout every week coz that really gets my heart rate up!

Im hoping that the atkins thing is gona get out my system soon and the WW is gona start soon!.. nurse has offerd me to come back in couple of weeks and see how im getting on so that has motivated me to show her some results!

I eat most of my points most of the time. I have saved points on some days as I have been out for meals with family. Was actually thinkng about doing this 18 point jump start? does this work?

Have anyone of you ever taken dietry pills with WW to help weight loss? the nurse said doc would consider this after blood tests.. but im not keen on pills.
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im also on bounty.com forum for people having babies or had babies and there are some women on there who use a few diff types off pills prescribed by GP that do work, but i think u have to be seriously obese and GP has to run tests first! also they have side effects!

you guys seem to be doing fine without though!

Thats what i was thinking aswell, when taking these pills people are advised to eat a low fat diet (maybe even WW) and exercise.. Which is what people here are doing anyway and having success!

Its the thought of side effects tht puts me off!
hey hon. having gone from low carb to a higher carb diet like ww myself, i reckon you will be retaining water while your body catches up with you. your glycogen stores will be filling up again. it won't take long for your body to realise that ww is the way to go i'm sure :)

you're doing really well and following it to the letter by the sounds of things so i'm sure your body will catch up soon :)

abz xx

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