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so long...farewell


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Hey there...just though I would pop in to say goodbye and good luck to everyone.
I've decided to call it a day with the diet as I'm not sticking with it and just have too much going on in my life to give up my emotional crutch at the moment.

I'm gutted as i thought this time would be it...but alas.... the fat pig inside me has won...for now anyway.

Well done all of you with your amazing journeys...maybe one day I'll join you, till then lots of love.
Rach xxx:wave_cry:
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Blue Butterfly

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Aawwww hun....dont go!!
If TS is too hard for you to stick to right now maybe you could try Working solution instead, where you just have 2 packs and then a meal. Would that work for you?

If not then hopefully we'll see you back here when you're ready to restart.

x x
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Sad to see you go but come back when you are ready please.
Best of luck


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Why don't you try something like slimming world? You can eat loads and still lose weight :) Its just a case of eating the right food.
Take care


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Shimmy, my heart goes out to you.

ANY VLCD is the hardest thing in the world to do if you do not have your head in the right place. You are right, there is no point in wasting your time and money if you have other issues at the moment.

If now is not the right time to lose weight, try and do damage limitation in the meantime. If, and when, you decide which diet plan you want to follow, there will be lots of support on minimins for you.

Good luck.


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I agree with Elb, if you can't give up food then try Slimming World, it's so easy and you don't have to give up anything, just make better choices.

If you give up completely you'll only regret it and next time you try you'll have even more to lose. Been there!



Such a shame to leave, as you're going in the right direction (you've already lost 10.6% of your total) ! Maybe just change it a bit and introduce one meal a day, or keep going with the diet but if you have a bad day, just have a bad day without feeling guilty.

Whatever you do, good luck and hope to see you back soon!


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Hi Shimmy,
I think you've made the right choice, if you're not in the right place to do a VLCD, then I think it's better to work that out, than to keep fighting it and just getting cross. As the others have said, maybe something like Slimming World would work well for you at the moment, or maybe you're just not at the point where losing weight is the thing you have to do at the moment. Whatever it is, don't beat yourself up about it, just enjoy being yourself, and we'll be here if you decide in the future you're ready for this sort of thing.
I hope all goes well for you on your journey.
Good luck x


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Sorry to hear that Shimmy.Just want to wish you luck and say you'll be welcome back anytime.These VLCD's are hard core, and you need to be in the "zone" as the others have said.Take care xx


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Sorry to hear that shimmy....but if your not in the right place to deal with the diet just now, take time out. Id go to slimming world etc, cos like others have said u can eat LOADS and still lose weight at a steady pace. Good luck whatever you decide xx