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So much for the NHS

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
I'm here at work feeling like crap, a temp of 38.1 & freezing, pulse of 132 & blood pressure of 89/63....not good (infact my obs are worst than any of the patients). but the really concerned members of staff (other nurses & the ghouse officer) say 'you'll be ok, don't go home will ya?!':eek:

I've got another 3 night to go yet & i doubt very much i'll make it, thne i'll still be ill for xmas!!!!

This ward is full of the oldies coz famlies have dumped them here for the christmas, it really makes me angry. I work on a medical ward & if you haven't got a medical problem then you shouldn't be here & to be honest about 50% of the patients at the moment are social problems, this is the wrong ward for them but the bed manager who doesn't like our ward just keeps sending them!!!

Sorry for ranting but i'm p!ssed off with the job & feeling like sh!t not a good combination....xxx
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know how you feel, i work on a surgical ward & keep getting medical patients dumped on us, aggghhh
hope you feel better soon, if you're ill you shouldn't be there, you'll just pass it on to the poor patients (your justification for going sick)
hope you feel better soon . i escaped the winter pressures and bed blocking and now work on the community. will get cross thou if theres medical outliers when i go in for hysterectomy in 4 weeks on a gynae ward!!! i want my op !!

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