So my tracker is so good you're all lost for words!


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Im a Libra...........and yes I can never make my mind up lol gr8 tracker though,I think Im gona get a christams one after my next weds weigh-in as it will spur me on for xmas?and yours is swimimg to the end of your journey?


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I wish

Lovely Libra

See the tortoise - I think it will be a slow journey down the last 21 lbs. The less you have to lose the slower it gets.

Still, once I get there I don't mind.


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Six www.www's

They are www.minimins

and wind, water and willpower

wind being the air that I breathe.

Minimins, my guardian angel who kept me close, when I wavered, who lifted me up when I was down, who told me to hang in there when I felt like rebelling; basically "she who must be obeyed", the Boss.

Love you Mini


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Hi Marylyn,

I love your tracker very clever!!!

I never thought of using a tortoise but he looks very at home there among the fish:D :D :D

You have done very well and it won't be too long now before you shift the last bit as your more than half way there.

Love Mini xxx


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Pierce helped me, I'm hopeless.

I knew what I wanted there, but couldn't bring it together.

I'm posting a new thread to tell the WORLD I'm lighter.


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I like it Marylyn ... but as someone who also has a 'fishy' tracker, I'm a bit biased!! ;)

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Restarting to lose 4stone
My losses for the last month were about the same as for the one before I think :confused:

I put this down to the fact that the slimmer I became, the more active I became :)
Great tracker Marlyn,
I did have a tracker but lost it somewhere, has anyone found it? I scare myself sometimes !! As it took me almost a whole sunday afternoon to finally 'get' a tracker just to lose it I won't bother for now


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Pierce helped me.

God bless him.

I'd try a saint's patience with me name and me tracker.

I can't take the credit for this handiwork, Pierce take a bow.

Marylyn xx


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Thank you Gillian. I love your signature. My name is gone again and has been replaced by a blank box with a red x.

Marylyn xx