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So who's starting today?

Me!....I started again today......I did it last year (was called Olivia's Army) but went on 2 hols in short space of time and blew it, so here i am again!
Amanda x
i have started again - i am 40 in 108 days time so have a real incentive to try and drop 4 stone this year - I can do it!!


always lurkin around!
hi hunnys im starting again 2day were all gonna do well :) xx i can feel it in my water lol and believe me theres lots of it!!!!!
Right then girls, good to have you on board and we will ALL do this.

Remember - baby steps. For those of us who have done it before, we already know we can do it so no excuses and for anyone who hasn't done it before, you want to make it work for you this time around as it really is so much harder to get back on the wagon a second time around!

We need to be haunting this forum, glugging the water like it's going out of fashion and warming up with hot drinks to make it easier.

Here's to looking gorgeous in a few short weeks ladies!!!

Ive restarted 2day & im already hungry,think its because of all the delicious food & drink ive ad ova xmas:8855:..but eres 2 a new slimmer me:eek:
I think we all (myself especially lol) need to remember that food will still be there when we finish :)

We can't think of it as punishment for being overweight or we will fail. We need to think of the end result as the reward for hard work and for the fact that we're lovely ladies :D

It's all about the mindset.
...And about looking fab too :p
i restarted today only be on it for 2 weeks to give me a boost but i forgot how lovely the shakes were.
Welcome back aboard MHM :)
Count me in. I only want to do a couple of weeks to deflate my belly.

That should work, shouldn't it? :wave_cry:
Oh here we go again yeh Im startin again !!!!!! Cant remember last time i did it !!! I think it was oct 08 and Ive put a whole stone on OMG !!! But it will soon come off I have faith I do I do I do I really do !!!!
Hi im starting again today, i did it in november last year and lost just over a stone in 2 weeks woo!! but decided to have a break over crimbo and have put a few pounds on since woops!!!
But i know i can do this and look forward to the weight flying off :)

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