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soccermom's 11 weeks @ 100%..pictures added


I know its going to have its high and low moments, but I am 11 weeks off a year since I started sw to the day :eek: and tbh things have not run smoothly the past few months I have been up and down like a fiddler's elbow.

I have been thinking about things this past couple of days so today seems the perfect place to start.

So I want one last push to the end of the year so here goes.

Its like a new start, its the 1st september so no better place to begin and 11 weeks left til nov 17th (my first anniversary), 11 being my lucky number and someone I haven't seen for ages came to the door this morning and asked if I had lost weight, I told her I had lost 4 1/2 stone and she said she could tell and I looked so much younger.

So it looks like fate has given me the green light to have a go at this challenge.

Reading a few posts lately have given me some fresh ideas about how to approach things and what to eat so here goes.

I definitely wont reach target as I still have 5 1/2 stone to go to that, but this will keep me focused.

Thanks to my online pal Meli who suggessted to me I should go back to writing this food diary, I know you are on your hols so probably wont see this...but thank you xx

So far day 1 is going well, but will update on my food later, i just wanted to get started on my diary x and get my thoughts down.
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Its day 1 of a fresh start for me too. Im a former WW goal member and fell off the wagon big time cos I knew all the cheats, got bored with counting everything and just felt it was taking over my life. Ive put about 1 1/2 stone back on and really want to get it off in a different way.
My sister in law and friend have started SW and I thought it was a good idea to try something new and fresh,.

Good luck with your weight loss, you sound so upbeat and positive about it - made me realise that 11 weeks of hard sustained effort can bring big rewards. Youve done so well so far - what an inspiration!!
Rach xx


Thanks Rach for your message I really appreciate the encouragement.

Well day I of 100% complete and all was well :D

will probably do 80% red with 20% EE day 1 was a red day.

early morning snack - banana

brunch - 2 egg omelette with filling of bacon and mushroom with 1 tbsp tom chutney (1.5 syns)

lunch - 4 wholemeal crackers (4 syns) ham and ex light lc cheese (1 syn)

snack - ramekin dish of sw veg packed spag bol

dinner - spag bol ( 2 syns) 2 x heb of wholemeal pasta 1 hea portion of cheese

syns 8.5

76 days left @ 100%


Day 2 of 100% complete :D

All is good apart from a bit of toothache :( and it was an EE day.

At the minute my meal plans are a bit samey as I am trying to use up what we have in before I go shopping this afternoon.

snack - banana

brunch - cheese 1 hea and ham omelette, sauce (1 syn)

mid afternoon - weetabix 1 heb, milk (3.5 syns), sweetener

snack - 4 wholemeal crackers (4 syns) 2 exl lc cheese (1 syn) ham

dinner - sweet chilli noodle stir fry packed with stir fry veg (3 syns)

syns 12.5

75 days left at 100%


Day 3 @ 100% complete :D

Another red day and so far so good, not sure whether its because i'm feeling so positive or whether I really dont fancy them, but I have not craved any sweets or crisps :eek: not like me at all.

I have however been trying to have a snack meal with my syns, so far its been wholemeal crispbreads, but only because I could not get my hands on any food doctor pittas at asda, which are 8 syns but that is how I am going to start using my syns from now on instead of on rubbish.

I will have to make a trip to sainsbury's where I have seen them and stock up.

red day

snack - banana

mid morning - 4 wholemeal crackerbread (4 syns) 28g cheese 1 hea and a tomato.

lunch - weetabix 1 heb, milk (3.5 syns),

mid afternoon - 1 egg omelette with ham

dinner - sirloin steak, 198g new pots with skin 1 heb, salad, 1 whole chargrilled pepper, 1tbsp sweet chilli salad dressing (1.5 syns)

syns 9

74 days left @ 100%

I have now done the shopping for the week so hopefully my menu will be a little more adventurous, but I do love my weetabix and crackerbread as they are so easy to eat and quick to prepare.

Weigh in day is monday and I have only been back on plan since wednesday, but still hoping to see some loss :eek:

If anyone is reading this and has any suggestions on tasty foods I can use in my syn allowance that doesnt include sweet things, alcohol or crisps, but things like the dr food pittas that cocktail princess recommends then I would be very grateful.



day 4 of 100% complete :D (4/9/10)

Feeling in control again today except for my blinking tooth which is still playing me up :( dentist tomorrow me thinks.

Having a good week definitely makes me feel a lot better in myself eating rubbish definitely brings my mood down so fingers crossed I can keep this going.

This was an EE day as I had planned paella for tea the base of which I got from the comfort food book with the new edition of sw mag (can definitely recommend it was lovely)

so here goes

EE day

snack- banana

brunch - 2 boiled eggs, 2 hovis nimble bread 1 heb

dinner - paella made with risotto rice, green beans, asparagus, fresh toms, red and yellow pepper, onion, herbs and spices, chorizo (6 syns) and chicken.

snack - coffee made with milk 1 hea

syns 6

73 days left at 100%

It doesn't look like I had that much, but it was more than it looks and I was never hungry :D

weigh in day monday :eek:
Glad you started this diary sweetie and hope your toothache is better!
Hope you were thinking of me on my holidays in Spain when you had that paella (lol). I had the real thing and oh my was it delicious!
Not looking forward to WI day tomorrow as I know I have a big gain coming. Keep the 100% thing going; and it's true all that junk doesn't do us any favors especially with our emotions as our blood sugar goes up and down and we get really moody. Good luck for your WI :)


MELI!!!! glad to see you back I have definitely missed you :gen126: hope you had a great time.

As to WI try not to let it bother you to much I have found for me personally that holiday gain is the easiest to come off, who knows it may not be as bad as you think.

I have finally managed to get an appointment for the dentist 4.45 tonight so that should be fun just before WI :eek: :D but at least its a step forward to getting rid of this bloody awful pain :(

Yesterday was a fully in control day although my lamb casserole meal I had made in the slow cooker wasn't that great tbh.

Also it was the start of the football season so a long day ahead as I have 2 matches to go to, ended up with 1 draw and a loss, but both teams played well.

However yesterday was a red day so here goes.

red day (5/9/10)

breakfast - 2 hovis wholemeal bread 1 heb, scrambled egg (2 syns) sauce (1 syn)

lunch - salad, grated cheese 1 hea, tomato chutney (1.5 syns), ham, 2 wholemeal crackerbread (2 syns).

dinner - middle eastern lamb casserole with lentils 1 heb (2 syns), swede/carrot mash, runner beans.

snack - banana

8.5 syns

72 days left @ 100%



6lb off !!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

so chuffed I cant believe it i'm now the lightest I have been for years and years by 1/2 lb.

I also won the raffle and got a packet of the famous Joes sausages, mushy peas, onion and instant mash :D

Completely inspires me to keep on with the 100% so here goes.

Red day (6/9/10)

breakfast - 28g puffed wheat 1heb, banana and milk (3.5 syns)

lunch - ham and cheese 1 hea omelette, brown sauce (1 syn)

dinner - 3 joes sausages, 198g new pots with skin 1 heb, pouch of microwave vegetables included brocoli, carrotts and baby corn, gravy (2 syns)

syns 6.5

71 days left @ 100%

My tooth is also on its way to being fixed just waiting for the antibiotics to kick in :( just wish they would hurry up.

I have also bought some jeans from sainsbury's as an incentive to lose the next stone. I can get them on and do them up but still snug but I am determined to get into them by the end of this challenge :D.

Heres to another 100% day x
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Thanks meli, 100% is definitely working for me and i'm going great guns at the minute, but will definitely not get to complacent as that will be my downfall and I know i'm in my honeymoon period :D

I decided on a EE day yesterday so here goes

EE (7/9/10)

breakfast - 2 nimble hovis wholemeal toast 1 heb with butter :eek: (3.5 syns)

lunch - sw quiche made with quark, eggs, bacon, mushroom, red onion and red pepper with sweet chilli sauce (1.5 syns)

dinner - spicy pork and aubergine packed with peppers, onions and toms with cous cous

snack - 2 joes sausages and brown sauce (1 syn)

(just realised I did not have an hea, I was going to have a coffee made with all milk but I completely forgot, whoops !! :eek:)

syns 6

70 days left @ 100%

Another 100% day ticked off and still feeling positive and relaxed about it, which I know could be completely different tomorrow :D

Spent the day yesterday applying for a job as a nursing assistant on the maternity ward at the local hospital, so I will send that off today and keep my fingers crossed.

This time last year I wouldn't have dreamt of doing something like that as I would have been to scared about the whole uniform thing :eek:so SW has definitely created a more confident me.

Anyway yesterday was EE so here we go

EE day (9/9/10)

breakfast - 28g puffed wheat 1 heb, banana and milk 1 hea

lunch- food doctor pitta (8 syns) stuffed with bacon and beans

dinner - chicken pie (from sw mag, was delicious) stuffed with leek, spring onion, mushrooms, bacon and herbs, topped with mashed potato (2 syns), green beans and sweetcorn.

10 syns

69 days left @ 100%
Well done on another 100% day- keep that motivation going :D I also managed to have a good day yesterday and looks like I'm back into the swing of things.

Good luck on the nursing assistant job too! It's amazing what confidence we get back with shedding those extra pounds.
I have just booked a mini break over xmas to Prague for my hubby for his xmas present :D:D.

I can't wait, everyone I speak to says they love it there so I finally took the plunge and booked it.

Another incentive to be good :D
well another day gone and have to admit feeling very stressed and i'm tempted to reach for the biscuits.

My eldest son is officially a PIA :( he is 21 works well over what is considered full time hours every week between 2 jobs.

Thing is he begrudges paying us rent we asked him to pay us 20 pound a week while he was working part time (16 hours) but now he is working between 45 and 55 hours a week we told him from this Friday rent goes up to 30 a week.

He says i'm a joke to expect that fom him and says he cant afford it (hes just been to wembley to watch the footy, booked a few days away in October and a new set of goal keeper gloves for 35 quid) what a joke.

Hubby is slogging his guts out to support us driving miles every day to a job that is 7 days a week to keep us going as I try and find work, but son wont chip in and i'm sick of picking up after him and hes upstairs now winding up our middle son.

I'm at the end of my tether I keep getting told by family he needs to learn a lesson so kick him out...can I really do that :eek:

Anyway tring so hard to be good today but a biscuit would be nice right now but I know I couldnt stop at 2 :eek:

Today was another EE so here goes

EE day (9/9/10)

breakfast- rice pudding made with 500ml milk 1 hea (6 syns)

lunch-chicken breast, sw chips and beans


dinner-chilli con carne beef burgers, beans, potato slices with brown sauce (1.5 syns)

snack- fab icelolly (4 syns)

Technically I suppose its not EE as no 1/3 superfree but its shopping day tomorrow and we are eating the end of this weeks groceries.

11.5 syns

68 days left @ 100%
Busy planning menu for next week ready to go food shopping this afternoon, i'm a bit stuck for next Thursday and trying to avoid chicken or mince is proving a problem :D

Cleaned out all my drawers of clothes that no longer fit and donating them to charity so thats one of my good deeds for today.

The other is to go and see the MIL in hospital she had an op yesterday so shes feeling a bit down.

Will be back to update later x
Very busy day today trying to get everything done, but know it is we can enjoy a football packed weekend :D

Tried one of Britmums recipes for tea today and it was lovely and the kids really enjoyed it :D

EE day (10/9/10)

breakfast-hovis nimble toast 1 heb 15g of butter :eek: (5 syns)


lunch-2 egg omelette, 2 laughing cow xl (1 syn) brown sauce (1 syn)

dinner-carbonara packed with onion, mushrooms, bacon, ham, egg and parmesan 1 hea

7 syns

67 days left @ 100%
Well done for not going for the biscuit tin and difficult to advise what to do with your son. Hope that you can talk some sense into him and he starts paying his share.

About the chicken and mince why do you want to cut it out? Why not try the Quorn?

Well done for sticking to plan.
Well done for not going for the biscuit tin and difficult to advise what to do with your son. Hope that you can talk some sense into him and he starts paying his share.

About the chicken and mince why do you want to cut it out? Why not try the Quorn?

Well done for sticking to plan.
HI meli.

I got through the weekend without turning to the biccies or chocolate and believe me I was sorely tempted, but I have to find a new method of dealing with stuff like this.

I'm not stopping eating chicken or mince its just it seems to come up loads on my menus I was trying to find an alternative for a change :D

Still on 100% and feeling positive for a positive weigh in result (fingers crossed)

Good luck for today x
Ok I have a couple of days to catch up but all is well in sw land and sticking 100% :D

Busy day today with the gym and then to a football match so everything felt very rushed food wise.

I have noticed I eat quite a few eggs but it definitely is leaving me fuller for longer.

EE day (9/11/10)

breakfast- porridge 1heb, milk (2 syns), sweetener and banana

lunch - 2 egg omelette and cheese 1 hea, with brown sauce (1 syn)

dinner - mango chicken (from sw mag...not great...looks nothing like the picture) salad (went from 2 syns to 8)

snack - ham

11 syns

66 days left @ 100%

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