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Social Outcast...

Ok, 3 months into the diet and suddenly my breath smells like something has curled up and died behind my tonsils. Had moments of bad breath since starting the diet but it has gone to a new level!

Even worse...I now have BO!!!! This started around the same time as the death breath, so I am assuming the 2 are related????

Going to be a social outcast for some time me thinks :cry:But I WILL BE THIN AT THE END OF IT so its worth it...isnt it? lol

Have armed myself, and now never leave the house without toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and a large can of Sure!!!
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Oh gosh - BO too. I guess its a small price to pay for losing weight. Come to think of it I have been more whiffy myself


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Nice to know I've got another thing to look forward to!!!!! ;) xxx
can relate to the bad breath i get a variety of different types of cheese flavours throughout the day no BO as yet will keep checking!!!

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
What ever is going on this week? I'm the same, and my feet.....!:eek::eek::eek::eek: I have to keep cleaning out my shoes with antibacterial wipes.....

Bizarre, but it has to be the body sloughing off all those toxins extra fast, so it's not all bad. (At least, that's what I keep telling my clients when their noses wrinkle up just before they pass out:D)


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I've been lucky thus far. Abysmal breath, but I bought those Listerine strips - no sugar, no cals, no anything and it freshens breath. I pop one in any time I'm going to be in a group of people or close to them., Lucky so far - no BO - but I'd suggest some cloying perfume. I like Givenchy and Dior.
Hi I am new to posting here. Been on Optifast800 for 4 weeks. Spoke w/my medical Dr. and she said others don't smell the BO. I keep sugarfree gum and mints for the breath especially if I am going to be around people. My Doc also said that smell indicates ketosis. That's a good thing. We just can smell our fat burning. The smell means we are doing great. The worst the smell the better the burn IMO.:D:clap:

Not only does my mouth feel like a parrots cage and smell worse....

I can look forward to smelling like an old chip pan with my own fat frying in it! :(:(


It's still b****y raining!

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