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Social situations

Well it's not easy but what I've done is just meet people at the cinema. I don't go out for dinner with anyone I don't have the willpower! So basically my tactic is avoidance but most of my friends know I'm on another diet :) I do go for coffee though and I take my sweeteners along, I seem to be able to get away with an odd cappuccino....
My boyfriend wants to take me swimming and to the cinema as a sort of date but not sure my bladder is strong enough yet lol. Does the constant weeing or needing to wee stop? X

I will not give up this time
Oh, this is not an easy one. I found that I started to do other things with my friends - that did not involve eating. Which was really nice! We went ice skating, swimming, to the museum... When we stopped for food, I would just go for tea/diet soda and that really works fine. It's really the company that matters, and what you do... Not what you eat. Really. But I know, it's hard! And I do miss just going out for a nice dinner and drinks, however, it was really nice to start doing other things socially as well, really expanded all of our views a bit I think. :)

Good luck! If you think of any nice activities, let me know!

I have become a hermit! And am now very boring apparently....
Still, I can be exciting when I'm slim :0).
Sorry that wasn't very helpful ...... x
I don't go out often and am a hermit anyway lol. I've told 1 of my friends I'm not feeding her anymore and to have dinner before she comes over to me lol x

I will not give up this time
Ha ha. I normally have one of my friends over on a Monday evening for tea, we watch Britains Next Top Model (I know right?) And used to eat something lovely.
It's not quite the same anymore and I used an excuse to get me out of it today.
Naughty, I need to learn to be sociable without it revolving around food! X
She would be fine, its more me, I just need to re-educate myself around the whole food thing.
I love cooking, baking, feeding people. I am a feeder! Xx
I have a few social events I'm going to in the next few months & each one is almost like a mini target as I know I will weigh less at each one :)
I had my 1st one on Saturday night, it was a fancy dress back to school night with food too!! I talked it over with my CC & she recommended I had a 200cal meal before I went out so I wasn't tempted to eat the food & to drink vodka & diet coke but only have 3 or 4 so I did & it hasn't affected my weightless....I think it's all about planning so you are not thrown off. If it's a meal you are going out for maybe ring for the menu 1st & if nothing is suitable ask for something suitable as they can only say no!! My next night out is Oct the 1st & I'm really looking forward to it :)
That is a great way of looking at it, I'm going to try that! X
I've rang ahead if going out for a meal and asked them if they will allow me to have my soup. For most it's not a problem and most will make them up of supply hot water. I then have that whilst my friends eat and then have a bar or a coffee for my sweet. That way everyone is happy. I just tell them it's prescribed by the doctor (which it sort of is!!!:)) Just enjoy the company. Have a fun time. xx
i went to a wedding at the weekend and had my soup pack before i went - then during the meal i nibbled my orange bar really slowly in two halves. I usually eat the bars like that anyway. lots of water between bites too. In the evening I had my tetra.

you can eat ketosis friendly meals, but for me - i know if i go off SS once, that'll be it for me.


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I enjoy the pub stragely, soda water whilst giggling at friends being bit drunk.
For cinema I took a bar and some water.. once the film starts my desire to nibble has gone anyway
Socials can be so so tricky... but what really helps is when you turn up somewhere and people really notice your weight loss!!!!
My brother had an engagement party last week, I managed to get in a dress 2 sizes smaller than I would have been able to get into and everyone was complimenting how great I looked - It makes you want to be good and stick to the plan!!!!
Ive found this almost everywhere I have been, work outings, family meals etc!
:D xx


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Easy answer ... become a social hermit, lol
I have still been going to events, but make sure people know that you are on the diet and sticking to it otherwise, they just try and make you cave in.
If you are going to a meal you cannot avoid, then try SS+ that day as it won't hurt.
As Meoww said - soda water at the pub is fine and also you will have some very surreal nights laughing at drunk people!
Ive avoid many social situations including a 30+ people family reunion and a week holiday in NYC
Ive avoid many social situations including a 30+ people family reunion and a week holiday in NYC
gosh yes - we're planning manhattan for our next holiday, but i'm not going until i've reached goal and done proper maintainance. sod being in NY and eating tiny chicken salads.

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