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Sods Law...

Havent been on here for ages, started a new job in July so been really busy.
Started LT in June and to date ive lost nearly 4st :D, cant believe it, so if i can do it anyone can.
Well to get to the point of my post, i lose all that weight and guess what 'sods law' im now pregnant, about 7wks. Ive stopped LT completely, just wanted to know if anyone who has got pregnant carried on with LT. Im not going to myself, but saying that i probably get a better vitamin intake etc on the diet.
Sorry for babbling on, hope your all doing well.

Nicci x
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congrats huney! its kinda like my worst nightmare, losing all the weight then getting preggers, but at the same time id love a baba. ah well, plenty of time!


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awww congrats :D


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Been there done that, it's a bugger! But what better reason for putting on weight is there?
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Congrats chick on your news!!


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Congrats honey, that is the reason i am doing this diet!!

Congrats hunxxxxxxxx that's fantastic news:hug99:
aww, bless...congrats!!!

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Congratulations hun!! You've done really well to have lost so much weight so as long as you remember that the whole 'eating for two' is a load of rubbish and you only actually need an extra 200 cals or so per day whilst pregnant you shouldn't gain too much extra weight and hopefully will shift it sharpish once the little'un arrives! Also, Medea told me that when she breastfed her second child all of her extra weight disappeared within a very short space of time! xx


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It's true, I'll tell ya!

I lost all of my pregnancy weigh with both my kids in around 3 days after they were born! It was after it all went to pot!:D

Best advice:
Eat sensibly and loads of fruit and veg- the kids will grow up liking them as well. Honest. I've never had a problem with them eating veggies!
If you can breast feed- Reason for this is breast feeding actually contracts the uterus back to normal as soon as you begin. It also requires the body to use up any stored fat to make into milk. Voila! instant weight loss!

Congratulations! Excellent news xxx
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I'll have to double check but Im pretty sure you are only supposed to need an extra 400kCals on top of a 'normal' diet when you're pregnant.

Biggest congratulations hun, its such wonderful news!!!!
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congratulations! Eating as sensibly as your cravings and hunger allows should see you right. Now is the time for relaxing and enjoying this time -diet is bad word for the next 7 months or so so just kick back woman and ENJOY!!! :D :D :D


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Congratulations hun!!

I was on LT when I fell pregnant with my youngest & I was advised to stop it straight away & they wouldnt let me back on it til 12wks after the birth but I dont know if that is LT law or just my pharmacy.
I cant imagine anyone wanting to do LT whilst preggers anyway cos your body goes through all sorts of changes & cravings.
Good luck with it
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congratulations on the weight loss and the pregnancy
see i told ya everyone on LT is getting pregnant. I'm officially celebate! hubby can sleep on the couch!

i'd like a baby that you can give back for a bit till the next day. LOL

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