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Sojafay exante journey

Day 1
Moved from LL to here.
Spent last 2 days since packs arriving faffing about tasting this and that. Start me night shifts tonight so hoping that will keep me in check until ketosis kicks in.

Basically finding the packs very creamy, milky in taste but think after a few days should be okay. Besides plan to eek out some packs as coffee whiteners so should work out.
Love the bars nice to have a chew on something. Wish they would bring out a porridge and id be all set lol

First weigh in will be 9 days as plan to weigh on Mondays so here goes head down for next 10 weeks and ho ho ho time:)

Be Well

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Good luck Sojafay!
Thanks Sammy
Hope i can find the determination again, you are doing great.
Notice you switched too from somewhere how are you finding it?
I am a bit befuddled by the less packs but more in them both calories and carbs, hope not going to be too hungry on em....
Hurry up ketosis lol
Be well
Good luck, look forward to hearing your first weigh in result.


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I was on the Tony Ferguson diet which is part food replacement (same as Exante's working solution). I lost 8.3lbs in my first week on TF so I was super movitated but then I kept slipping up on my daily meal so the loses got less or I stayed the same, started to get less motivated and fell off the wagon! But I still lost 2 and a half stone on TF so not bad going! Saw people on here talking about Exante so decided to give it a go, Im on my 4th day and Im finding it fine, Im not hungry, but where I had been on a strict diet already it only took me a day to go back into Ketosis.

Just make sure you drink plenty of water, it really does help stop the hunger, I drink a pint of water with each shake, bar and soup I have, so you feel more full when you have finished.
Thanks Katie, oooh how exciting big wedding coming close for you, hope its a brill day for everyone:)

Took your advice Sammy been slurping black tea and water and doing toilet runs all through night shift. Havent felt hungry but tummy is sure making some noises lol

hey how do you thank someone in these posts, not quite got the hang of everything yet.

1 hour to go then ill be tucked up in bed zzzzzzzzz away
have a good day all
from the nocturnal vlcder
hmmmmm wonder if you burn more carbs doing nights off to google that.....
Morning from grumpy nightworker

Morning all
I googled night work and metabolism and gotta a bit of a shock.
Apparently wrecks havoc with metabolism and blood sugar levels something to do with knocking out your cicadian rhythms.Big links with Obesity, diabetes etc
Not good news.
Anyone got anymore info or how they handle them would be much appreciated
Oh well off for shower and shake errrr thats an eating shake not a shake till i'm dry shake:)
Be well


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Its probably to do with when you eat as well but Im sure your be fine on Exante!
Day 4

Thanks all
Now into day 4 and back to day shifts so should be easier now.
Got that metal taste and slight headache, think ketosis may be here :) No hunger.
I got some of that kiwi and strawberry water you mentioned Sammy really enjoying it, noticed their diet cola also has sucralose and no citric so have a bottle of that for when tempted.

I am splitting the packs and bars and water with each sitting, find having the illusion of more choice and little and often working for me.
So far Exante is a thumbs up
Be well


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It wasnt me who mentioned that hun :) I didnt know we could have anything other then water or black tea and coffee :)

Another senile blonde moment
read somewhere someone saying Sainsbury did a flav water with no citric acid kiwi and strawberry and that their diet coke had none either. They dont use aspartame either sucralose instead. Thought it had been you


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hehe thats ok, its good to know though!

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