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Solo slim food diary


Rosemary Conley convert!
Breakfast - 40g (red portion pot) of Special K with semi-skimmed milk

Lunch - SS Carrot and Coriander soup with one slice toast and 30g Tesco Extra Light soft cheese; Spelga Fat Free yoghurt; fruit pot

Dinner - SS sausage casserole with 12og new potatoes and veg

Snacks - 10 grapes; SS nutrition bar

Total - 1193 calories
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Rosemary Conley convert!
Thanks hon :)

Sunday 28th August

Breakfast - 40g Special K with raspberries and blueberries

Lunch - spicy beef and tomato soup (solo slim)
Wholemeal roll

Dinner - solo slim Thai curry, 65g noodles and extra veg

Snacks - del Monte fruit pot; shape zero yogurt; crackerbread with extra light soft cheese and slice wafer thin ham

Total - 1200 calories


Rosemary Conley convert!
Monday 29th August

Breakfast - scrambled egg and slice of wholegrain toast; apple

Lunch - SS Three bean and chorizo soup; wholemeal roll; Shape Zero yoghurt

Dinner - SS Lamb Hotpot; 120g new potatoes

Snacks - Skinny Cow Mint ice cream

Total calories - 1137

Tuesday 30th August

Breakfast - Special K with milk; small banana

Lunch - SS Minestrone soup; wholemeal roll; shape zero yoghurt

Dinner - SS Beef meatballs and potato; 120g potatoes

Snacks - 2 slices crackerbread with 30g extra light soft cheese and 2 slices ham; 10 grapes; Del Monte fruit express; Hartleys sugar free jelly

Total calories - 1192

Exercise - 28 mins brisk walk - 137 calories used


Silver Member
Hi Jen,
How are you finding the Solo Slim meals?
Haven't started my box yet as still finishing exante packets off.


Rosemary Conley convert!
Hi Alison

I'm really liking it! Sounds weird but I don't really feel like I'm dieting except that I don't have a cheeky choccy bar every now and then. The only soup I didn't really like was carrot and coriander, which is weird as I normally like that flavour. My fave soup is spicy beef and tomato - really yummy. I haven't yet found a dinner I don't like, and it's hard to pick a favourite! I don't like kidney beans and have to pick them out, which isn't great for the chilli as there's loads of them! There was still a lovely taste to it.

I mostly love how easy it is, and the only choice is what pouch to have! I have done Cambridge before and I hated how I couldn't get excited about what dinner etc I was going to have, whereas with this I still look forward to food :D I'll have to see how my weight loss goes but so far I would recommend to anyone x


Rosemary Conley convert!
Wednesday 31 August

Breakfast - slice wholegrain toast and 1/2 snap pot of beans; apple

Lunch - chunky vegetable soup; wholemeal roll; Shape Zero yoghurt

Dinner - chilli and rice; slice of wholegrain bread

Snacks - 2 slices crackerbread, extra light soft cheese and 2 slices ham; Hartleys sugar free jelly pot; SS nutrition bar; skinny cow lolly

Total - 1187 calories
Exercise - 1.2 mile brisk walk - 137 calories used

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