Some advice please


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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have tried slimming world in the past and want to go back on it after 3 years. I work shifts and would not always be able to attend the weekly meetings, which was one of the issues I had sticking to the diet last tried I tried to lose weight.
I am thinking this time round to join SW online.
Does anyone have any advice or tips about this? Is it worth paying for the missed classes and going to class when I can (prob 1 in every 3 weeks) or doing it online?
Thanks very much!
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I will do this!!!
One thing that i find really helpful is staying for class and hearing advice from other people plus theres more support if you go to meetings. But it works differently for different people.


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When you join a group you can register with your consultant as a shift worker. As long as you attend when you can then you don't have to pay for missed weeks due to work.
I'm not certain but I think you have to attend one week in three (or at most once every two weeks) but you do not have to pay for missed weeks if you are on shift.
Hope this helps you.