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Some Girls Dont Gain Weight

i know quite a few girls who eat loads...pretty much same as me.

lots of fizzy drinks and junk food.

how do they not gain weight?...im not complaining lol, just an interested to know.

and they were skin tight cloths, and never work out or do any exercise. im talking about just the ones i know, but im sure theres loads more like them.
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Better metabolism probably. I figure it will catch up with them in the end

But that's probably me being a beactch :D
While they may be thin and look healthy, they are anything but.

Oh how I've despaired at the amount of times that slim, pretty young things can't handle a single flight of stairs on a tube station, and me, the fatty, has to overtake them to get anywhere.

They're storing fat. They're storing it around their organs, in their arteries, in the spaces between their innards, in the places where muscle should be. And they're thinking they're fine because they're thin.

Nuh-uh. Stop worrying about what they look like and how they eat. They're just ruining themselves in another way entirely from us :)
Hey - just wait - when they hit 45 it'll hit them! x


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i agree with crazbrit, i was at an interview the otherday and the person who was conducting it was lovely and slim very pretty but when it came to walking up the 2 flights of stairs to the office by the time she got up there she was out of breath sweating and looked like she was going to collapse, meanwhile i (probably 10 stone heavier) was fine lol
I think it does catch up with them eventually.

Unless they have really crappy diets and are majorly obcessed with losing weight ect...or like you say the very few who have a naturally fast metabolism.
agreeed , just focus on yourself :) x

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