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Some people really make me wanna scream

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OMFGG think it's one of them weeks when people want to make me feel crap about myself and everything I do. :rant2:

First off, told my mum about my first weeks result and all I got was " Oh well you need to loose weight anyways", then when I said I'd be slim by the time I go home next I got " You wont be slim, you maybe thinner but you'll never be slim". Thanks for the support mum :cry:

Then I go back to work after an op and get nothing but greif off the guy I work with, everyone else has been wonderful, helpful and supportive. Oh and to be ignored by a few members of the team also.

To top it off, go see my Dr today who says my weight is causing a problem with my knee and that I have to loose weight even though I already told him I'd taken a step and joined SW.

Why do people feel the need to be like this?:badmood::argh: Sorry rant over, wont be telling my mum on this weeks weigh in results
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((hugs)) My doctor was the same, and unfortunatly went and left before i got the chance to show him that i did it.

once i went for a check up on my stomach and he said

' oh yes you do look like youv lost a bit of weight, although could just be your clothes there'
refering to my hairdressing uniform! :O

ignore them, and show them that your gunna do it, andyou will. Dont let them get you down, your doing it for you after all, not them.

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Don't let them get to you! My mum is exactly the same! if I tell her i've lost a pound she looks at me funny and says a pound?? is that it? and if i stay the same but I know it's because I went out at the weekend and drank or ate she'll tut at me and say god you're never gonna loose weight at this rate! i yell at her and say that I have to have a life or i'll never stick to a diet!
Then when I'm happily tucking into my beans on toast for brekkie or a massive pile of pasta for my tea she'll shake her head and say I think you've got it wrong, you cant possibly loose weight like that!
At the end of the day you have to remeber you're loosing weight for yourself and when you get to target you can laugh in the face of all of the none believers!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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My mum is exactly the same, she said to me the other day " you can really tell you have put all your weight back on " i haven put any weight oni have just stayed the same but thanks ma!!!


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It's comments like those that make you feel like giving in but also make you more determined to do it. I don't tell my family anymore that I'm dieting. Only if they notice do I say anything and as for my Dr when I went to him about not being able to lose weight he asked what I had for breakfast and I told him 1 banana and 1 mullerlight he said "That's why your fat, you only need half a yogurt and half a banana". I nearly swung for him.

Chin up and you do it for yourself and show them all.
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I know what you mean. But they only say it cause their jealous!

Scarlet Daisy

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What a classic line from your Mum. Why are they so cruel? I've been in the same boat *hug*. Try to ignore it, you're good enough to do things by and for yourself... Your Mum is the one who FAILED with that remark.

Mrs V

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I really sympathise with you Hun. I get the "but you've had a gastric band, so the weight will fall off you" bit from family (even though unlike the bypass I have to eat sensibly and healthily in order for this to work).
Thank fully most of my family are on the SW plan anyway and turn to me for help, so they cant say too much!
As for your work colleagues, give them time, they are just ignoring you like this as you have taken some time off, but....you are back now and show them that its not going to get to you.

Big Hugs!

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
"That's why your fat, you only need half a yogurt and half a banana". I nearly swung for him.

Some people have no people skills do they? That's awful, you should have made a formal complaint.
When my sister found out she was pregnant, although she'd always wanted a baby, it had come unplanned (she's 28)
All she wanted was for our lady doc to assure her that it was okay to feel scared..

she told her that her options were to abort, give birth or put up for adoption.. and when she aked if she could have a 12 week scan, she said ' you know your pregnant, why would you want one of those for'???

Its crazy. Weight is a very sensitive issue and i don't feel gp's are trained to deal with it properly. What an insensitive *******.


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My GP didn't make any comment when I told him I'd lost over 2 and a half stone! :eek:

Any road up! We appreciate you! We KNOW how hard you are working at getting your weight down. Give us a twirl so we can see how much better you look. And ignore the grouches!


Too big to fail
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best way to get even.....remind her of her help and support when you're a slim goddess!
You can do it!
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What is it about mums? Mines just the same, when i weigh more like now she points out larger ladies an says "Oh look shes got a weight problem too your not the only one" Yeah thanks mum, thanks a bunch. When i was smaller she was constantly questioning me beause she thought i was anorexic. Shed ask if i wanted something to eat and if i said no it would be " You need to eat, your too thin you look unwell. If you get any thinner your going to the dr" *sigh*
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Usually people who say that are the skinny ones who haven't got a weight problem. The stories in the mags go to show that you are not meant to be fat and overweight and that it is possible to lose all the weight necessary. It won't happen overnight but it is possible. Just keep at it and we're all here alongside you even when so called friends, family and doctors are not. xxx
S: 18st0lb C: 16st2lb G: 9st1lb BMI: 40 Loss: 1st12lb(10.32%)
Aww thanks guys :eek:, it would just be nice to hav the support of my mum who also at times has struggled with her weight. Not going to tell her about this weeks result as I'm sure she'll come up with a nasty comment.

I've got the full support of my dad and his partner and they were so sweet when I told them about my 1 1/2lbs this week :) that I wanted to cry after my day from hell.

Now to look forward to this next week and the next weigh in, bring it on:girlpower:

Bad news is, been signed off work again for at least the rest of this week. On hols next week anyways so will see what the drs say
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Why do some mums think that because they are your mum, they can say whatever they want to you.?
My mum is a bit overweight but I have always been bigger, and after I had my daughter I had to stay with her because of health reasons, and sometimes she will find an item of my clothing that I left there. And she will come in, and in front of everyone, she will say Oh I found this top upstairs and its absolutely huge and massive so it must be yours. ! ! !! !
I know she doesnt mean it too, but that hurts....
And a friend of mine was in hospital, and she asked for some veg soup for her lunch. While she was eating it, the consultant came by, and shouted at her... Its no wonder you are so fat eating stuff like that.... a lettuce leaf would have been better for you, and walked off.
What chance do any of us have when that is the attitude of the health professionals.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
S: 14st8lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st4.5lb(2.21%)
"That's why your fat, you only need half a yogurt and half a banana". I nearly swung for him.

Chin up and you do it for yourself and show them all.[/QUOTE]

sorry hon but i laughed out loud at that what a d£ck head you should have hit him i cant believe how ignorant and thick some people are honestly if that had been me i would have laughed at the stupid old goat, i bet he doesn live off half a nana and a yoghurt.

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