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Some sadness and a big Thank You


Playing the Angel
Hi All

Just to let everyone who has been following the Mrs Pumpkin Belly story know, she has come through her c- section a few minutes ago, sadly none of her 3 babies survived to join my fur child family. They were 2 girls and a boy and all Siamese. It seems that the first baby was very small and did not survive which caused the death of the other 2 and stopped Lily going into full labour.

At least my darling fur child is safe and has made it through her operation. I decided to spay her at the same time, and thus will not breed from her again. Very sad for me as I wanted one of her line, but some things are not meant to be I guess. I have a kitten booked from a litter due to be born next week, so she will have a little fur companion come the new year - always something to look forward to.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support, kind words and prayers for me and Miss Lil during this tough time. It has meant more to me than any of you could ever know. I have never felt more loved and surrounded by friends - so I thank LL too for bringing so many wonderful, animal loving, compassionate people into my life. I will always treasure your many kind words.

So soon we will have the count down to a new fur child arriving, I hope you will join me all in my excitement for that happy day, and not mind too much if I am not overly cheerful in the next few days. It is taking me some time to get to grips with the loss of something I wanted so much.

My love and thanks to you all

Jez and Miss Lily
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Am so sorry Jez, I know how excited you were about it all. The main thing is that you've got Lily and a new fur baby next week. Big hugs to all of you xx


Playing the Angel
Thanks Jo and Irene,

Jo, the new fur baby will only be born in the next 10 days, so we are looking at March before I have a little furry bundle of joy. It is set to be a stunning litter of oriental torties, let me know if you want a link to the breeder's page?

so sorry to hear about the pumkin belly - very sad when things go wrong with our furry friends.
My little girl dog had 9 pups last year and we lost one after a few hours - that was horrible but at least we had our hands full with the rest. Hopefully the fact that you are looking forward to having another kitty soon will help you to look forward too even in a very small way.
:hug99:Hugs to you and Lily
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Hugss hun. I know how much you wanted those lil furballs and once you have grieved lil Miss & Master Pumpkin Bellies you will have the excitement of new furball to look forward to and start the countdown for. I am so pleased Lily has come out of this ok and she has a wonderful Mummy.

Hugs honey xxx

Kat xx
Ahh JEzz, I was thinking of you so much today - I know just how dissappointing this is. Heartbreaking. You will have the comfort of your lil gal Lily soon, and just cuddle her all night. I understand the want to have her kitten so you can always keep a peice of her with you - that was our goal with our Boxers, but it sometimes jt doesnt play out the way we wish. :( :( :( But you will always have her in your heart now, while she is with you - and always in the future.

So so sorry this went this way - I now how you tried to get her pregnant, and the excitement when you did - no one saw this coming. :( :( :(

You do not have to explain how you will feel or act in the coming days....anyone who loves animals understands.

Hearts out to you kid. ANd to Lily. ANd her little three. :( :( :(

SO sad. xxxx
aww jez - was keeping everything crossed for you, very sad
daisy x
Words don't seem to be enough

Aw Jez, my heart goes out to you. I wish I could share the pain and take some of your burden of grief. xx

Miss Lilly will need your support and reassurance to come to terms in her own way. Allow yourself the time to grieve, it is an important process. And be forgiving of yourself if less than cheerful moods are dominant for a while.

I am excited for you about the new kitten though. Great to have something to look forward to and I'm sure Miss Lilly will appreciate a furball addition to liven her life up, even if it's not one of her own.

Hugs, tears and smiles xx


Gotta Make A Change
awwwwww jez hope your okay
have been thinking of you and this situation you've had to handle


I will do this!
oh jez I'm so so sorry to read this. I know when I was a teenager we had a cat who gave birth to still borns, it was so upsetting. Big hugs for the coming days, thinking of you and Miss Lily xx
Jez - I'm so sorry about the loss of your babies, You must be heartbroken. try to stay strong for Lily and hopefully you will all feel better soon.
Love and hugs to you all
Milli x
Hey Jez,
So sorry to hear the sad news ...
Glad to hear Miss Lily has come through her c-section okay.
Big hugs to you both



Back to the grindstone!!
I'm just want to add my condolences to everyone elses. :gen126:
I have two fur balls and wouldn't be without them, I can only imagine how you are feeling at the moment.
Hopefully the new kitty in the new year will give you and Miss Lily a fresh hope for the future.

I have only just read this!

I am so so sorry hun. Such sad news for you and Lily. The poor little things...may they be happy and at peace wherever their little hearts are now.

I have loved looking at Pumpkin belly and I know what a wonderful mummy you have been throughout this pregnancy, so there is nothing I can say except I am thinking of you, and I wish Lily lots of love and hope she can find happiness with the new kitten.

Love & Hugs. xx


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Dear dear Jez
I am truly so sorry for your upsetting news. Poor you and poor pussy. Thoughts are with you. It may sound trite but it really helps me when I am going through a tough patch to close my eyes and calmy say to myself 'this too shall pass'. Sometimes I have to repeat it to calm myself but it always helps me.
Big, big hugs.
Peony xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
awww i'm so sorry to hear this,:( i haven't posted here long, just long enough though to hear of your anticipated arrivals, so very sad hugs hun :hug99: my heart goes out to you and Lily and her babies:(

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