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some support please

HELP!!! I have completely fallen off my SW journey and feel like I am swirling in the depths of the biscuit tin :cry:

It began afew wks ago had a 7lb lose and left class walking on air determined to have afab wk which I did, was 100% on track all wk did my usual half hour on the wii every day only to be told that I had gained not 1 but 3lbs :eek: was absolutly devestated as their was no reason as to why! since then I just cannot get my head back on track I have all SW food ready but find myself reaching for everything else.:party0051:

So please if someone could find it in themselves to give me atalking to and akick up the bum :gen144:

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Nothing worse than an unexpected gain:wave_cry: I'm back on the wagon as of today, been really bold this last while, biscuits, chocolate and the like. I told myself that I'm just doing 100% today, see how I feel tomorrow, trying to move away from the idea that I can't have this and I can't have that. Funnily enough, I wasn't really enjoying the food that I was bingeing on anyway.
Like they say at AA, one day at a time, sweetheart. HTH;)
poor you, must have been a hellish shock for you!

did you do a food diary to look back at?

but look at your total weight loss 33.5lb, thats amazing and worth keeping going for.

wish I could think of something better to say .....

K xx


adores posting
*hugs* really feeling for you sorry to hear things arent going well but try to look at the progress so far thats fantastic if i feel im slipping i go straight to the recipe section and write out a weeks menus and some sweet cake recipes which are low syns that keeps my mind busy and i normally have a good week do you think the gain could be water retaining or time of the week, extra exercise etc hope things work out ok for you x:)
Hey. I only started SW this time last week for the 3rd time and i have been finding this first week really hard. Don't be too hard on yourself. Try and think of the positives and stay on track :) good luck. x
Yeh I agree you've done so well just put your head back on you know you cam and this will prob give you weight loss a kick to good luck
You will probably find next week that you have a massive loss. I have been having pathetic losses, 0.5lb three times, then last week I lost 2lb. Mind, I changed to do a few ee days, why not try mixing your plans up a bit, you have done so well so far, keep on going, you will do it!


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Firstly your gain could have been to water retention, in which case it wasn't a 'fat' gain at all. Could have been down to the wrong time of the month. Could have been down the fact that what you'd eaten in the previous days hadn't quite made it out of your system yet (maybe a touch of constipation?), maybe the scales were having a bit of a spaz day........
..... whatever the reason, you KNOW that following Slimming World is low in fat and more importantly healthier for your body than your normal diet and for that reason alone you need to stay focused!!
Your body needs these wonderful low fat foods & gorgeous fruits & veggies to stay healthy & i think you owe it to yourself to give it what it needs. Don't get me wrong, a little of what you fancy is great, but the fact that you're posting on here means you want to get back on track!
Has the biscuit tin frenzy made you feel any better - short term yes, but i'm guessing you're feeling pretty pants about it now.
I know its hard but the scales are the bane of a dieters life! IGNORE THEM! You know you feel better when you're following SW, I know you feel better when you're following SW & the weight WILL come off.
Have you tried keeping a record of your measurements every four weeks. Although the scales may have gone up i'm pretty sure your measurements won't have.

Get back on it hunni - it WILL work - i promise.
Sending positive vibes your way.

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