Some Welsh beauties for the men!


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Miss Wales Finalists

Morwen (21) is a typical South Wales Valley’s beauty. Incredibly intelligent, she has a City and Guilds in Laundry studies from Pontypridd Polytechnic. Home is in Penrhys with her Mam and Dad (who also happens to be her Grandad, what a close family!)
She says her best feature is her slightly damp, hairy top lip which “drives men wild!”.
Morwen’s favourite position is 69 “I like a man who takes his time down there” she says.

Cerys (23 and from Swansea) is a fox and she knows it.
She loves to dance dirty with men on the dance floor at ‘Cinderella’s’ and whip them into a frenzy of sexual desire.
“I know I am a bit of a tease but take a look at me, you know I have the pick of the best!”
She says that what drives her wild is men kissing her armpits and playing with her big hair.

Gwyneth (25) is always popular with both the guys and girls of Aberporth, she is a resident of Jones Street living in a 2-bed maisonette with both her parents and her Mam’s parents.
With her natural good looks Gwyneth pulls every time. “I have never been left until the end of the evening” she says.
Gwyneth is an accomplished typist, having six fingers on each hand. She says it helps her in bed “ I love to fondle a mans bits while I kiss him deep and long and slow.”

Rhian (19) is a gorgeous brunette and hails from Barry. Daughter of a local chip shop owner, Rhian admits to having a soft spot for a bit of sausage – in batter, “I loves it and so do the men… When I’m serving in the shop I love to show off my ass. I think it’s my best feature, so I always wear a G string and tight lycra leggings to work. Sometimes if I am feeling really cheeky I like to let a little bit of my underwear show when I bend over!”

Katrin (18) always likes to look her best as a modelling job means that she has to be ready for that big break and the chance move away from her home in The Gurnos, Merthyr.
“I do like to pamper myself and think nothing of spending £70 on my hair. Men notice too and they love to run their fingers through it when I snog them”
“I was offered a part in Beverly Hills 90210 but turned it down as I did not just want to be known for my good looks.”

Sara (24) loves to sing loves songs at karaoke. “I will pick the best looking guy in the room and sing to him. I don’t care if he has a girlfriend, he will be leaving with me!”
Sara is a sexual predator from Neath and will eat you up. “I can satisfy any man in bed but prefer it up against a car or somewhere with a hint of danger”
“My best feature is my face cos when you look like me you know I don’t need makeup to be beautiful”.

Catherine-Zeta (25) is Trebanog beauty and always gets confused with her more famous name sake.
“Men always ask me for my autograph.” she says, “It is not just my face but my body too”
“People can’t believe I come from Trebanog – “I thought they were all ugly in-breeds up there but you are gorgeous.” They say to me. It makes me laugh knowing they all want to get into my pants!”

Cerys (21) lives in Newport and feels it holds her back “ I don’t like to tell a guy where I live in case it ruins my chances so I normally say I just live in Gwent.”
With only 7 kids Donna is a real catch and she knows it.
“I love to get all my kids involved when I bring a man back home (which is most weekends). My youngest can even get the lid off the KY now but I let the oldest push it in”

Mair (17 years) is the bookies favourite. The blonde locked beauty lives with the rest of her 89 brothers and sisters on a farm north of Dowlais.
As you can, see Mair loves to dress to please, which is probably why she temps so many men back to her field after the local pubs close “I like to be well done” she bleets teasingly.

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