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Somebody Shoot Me


Wants to shed pounds more
I lost 3lb this week, 4lb the week before. I have managed to get into a size 18 velvet tailcoat that I can actually do up AND wear a shirt under it. I was so jubilant - then I blew it.

Something happened, I couldnt vent my frustration, I was snowed up with work - and I blew it. Big time - wont go into details but basically a chocolate bender. I am so angry with myself.

I HAVE been pretty good and managed to stay away from temptation. Ive cooked for others and watched others eat sumptious stuff that I would usually fight them for. Its almost like I self sabotaged.

Should I go back to Sole Source for a few days????
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I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi dont beat yourself up we've all done it at some point why?who knows!!
What you must do is draw a line under it and put it behind you,if you can ss do it if not ss+ dont know what plan you were doing before,ss+ is great if you can eat only what is allowed...just remember you are human but get back on track straight away you will have forgotten all about it in a couple of days
good luck


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Hi Snowbaby.. So what, a blip, a snag, a tiny hiccup.. in the last 20 odd years whenever I 'slipped up' or 'cheated' on a diet I would throw the towel in and have a massive food paddy, but slowly and surely since I have been on CD my habits are changing...

Get back onto whatever plan you were on or SS for a few days if you want to... NOT as a punishment but maybe just to catch up and forget it..

Chocolate...!? ... what chocolate...? :)
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Know what you mean about the old chocolate though. It is the only thing that tempts me, and let's face it CD doesn't exactly help you put chocolate out of your mind!
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I'm so glad there isn't harm on the scales. Luckily you can't undo 11 weeks of hard work in one night!


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The CD bars are so delicious, especially the peanut crunch. Why don't you keep some of those in the freezer to satisfy your chocolate cravings when they arise. They are so fantastic that I actually feel guilty when I've eaten one, cos I feel like I've cheated. Yum.
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food paddy, I like that expression, I will keep it in mind when I am tempted, next time. And never mind sis no permanent damage eh?


Wants to shed pounds more
Food Paddy - lol that I like, gonna have to remember that. I think I will get some extra bars and freeze 'em. I want to shed more before Xmas - even half a stone is a start :)
S: 17st8lb C: 16st12lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st10lb(4.07%)


Wants to shed pounds more
Hmmm I had a bit of a lecture from hubby last night, that I was losing it too quickly and that the skin will sag/bag/drag. I must admit I have the odd few lines I didnt have before, but I am not haggard. I think its because that everyone still thinks of me as BIG so its a bit of a shock to them. It doesnt help when you've gone into a tailspin as it is - then well meaning folks tell me I look like cr4p or I have yet another 'oh its bad for your kidneys etc'

Yeah, but so is eating a shedload of sugar/salt/fat/flour and I dont remember you telling me that 35lb ago......

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