Someone kick me into touch please


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Hello all,

I have just joined WW online, my first meeting is on Tuesday.

I am so depressed about how much weight I am putting on but I cannot motivate myself to get going.

I get the bus to work every day but I could easily walk as it takes 30 mins. I do this sometimes but if I did it every day then I would earn 4 WW points a day! I can see how much it would benefit me if I walked but I just can't seem to motivate myself to do it when the day comes.

Have you got any tips on how to kick myself into doing this as I want to lose weight so badly.
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I'm kicking your butt! You can do this have a read through the diarys get some ideas and see how much people have lost and you will realise you can do it! This time of year is hard but you have made the first step and that's great!


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One way that got me motivated may not like to do it but....take pictures of yourself in you underwear and stick them up on the mirror in your bedroom. Every morning take a look, put on your runners and walk to work. Take the pictures again the next month and stick them beside the origionals, the difference will spur you on. You can do it!!! Once you start you will hate when you've missed a days walk and the healthy diet will make you feel so much more energetic and good about yourself. Good luck on your journey, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. We are all here to help each other xxxx


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Hi, I'm new too, and really can't believe how much weight I've piled on :( Im pretty determined though and actually can't wait to be healthy. I actually feel all bloated and sluggish, and generally horrible right now. You don't need your butt kicked, you made the first step by joining WW and here, so you know you can do it :) We're all here together, good luck x