Something Took My Mind Off Food!!


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well my mind has officially been taken off food on my first day of restart...

i went to check on one of my bunnies, Millie, because she has been really quiet and Kirky has been running around the sitting room quite merrily...

anyway had a look at my little girl and she has given birth to 3 little kits...

so i have got 5 bunny rabbits now lol

(anyone want to see Kirky & Millie, they are in my photo album)
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oh that made me laugh am on day 1 of restart too and cant get food out of my mind, arghhhhhhhhhhh


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Arrggghhh bless - we use to have netherland dwarfs .... did you manage to litter train them?? Are they house bunnies??

Photos of babies please!!!


Fab & Fit For Florida
yeah they are house bunnies i will upload a pic cos OH asked me to email one to him at work so they have already been handled...

i'm worried about millie rejecting them cos i have held them but she seems to have pulled out more food to keep them warm


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i'm sure she'll be fine with them. after all. she knows your scent doesn't she? :)

if her age in the profile pics is right then they didn't waste any time did they?? hee.

abz xx


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ahh happy bunnies x