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Hi everyone, so my general relationship with food sucks. I go on a diet I do great lose weight am very happy then I start eating normally again weight goes back up plus some and I'm not so happy. Then I try another diet ... c where I'm going with this ? Apparently it's a common thing, well, I decided enough is enough. So today I met with a hypnotherapist for some HYPNOTHERAPY to c if this will help how I deal with food. I have to say it was very interesting, can't really go into detail but I came out feeling better than I have in a long time. I got a CD to listen to everyday or night while I sleep. The only thing I don't like is that I'm not allowed to weight myself :eek: I've to go on how my clothes fit. Is it another hair brained idea on my part ??? Suppose all I can do is wait and c
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I give you kudos for having the guts to try it out. Am too freaked out by hypnotherapy. The thought of someone messing about with my mind is too scary for me.


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i would try it if i knew it would work!! im at the stage i would try ANYTHING!!! x x x


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I've tried hynotherapy, several years ago to try to get over a broken heart. It didn't work for me
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I have visited a hypnotherapist and have cds....the key to succeeding - you have to keep listen regularly to the cd's. I didn't but I am going to start again, I found it really helped my brain calm down if nothing else. and it meant that I had 30 mins of me time every day.


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i listen to a paul mckenna cd every night and so far it works wonders. not exactly the same thing, more referring to the cd you got...

abz xx