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Songbirds weight loss diary!

S: 21st1lb C: 21st1lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Firstly I would just like to say hello to everyone on here, you all seem like a friendly and supportive bunch.

I have lurked for while and decided to join up and start a diary of what is going to be a long road.

Tomorrow I join a local weight watchers group, I have previously done ww at home but inevitably stray after a few weeks. I am hoping joining a group and paying the weekly fee will be an added incentive to lose the weight.

I am guessing at the moment I am over 20 stone. My highest ever. I have always been overweight but in the last few years and 2 kids later I have managed to pile on the stones. I am going to wait until tomorrow nights weight in and go by their weighing scale figure (so that I wont be tempted to jump onto mine every morning!!)

I have tons of excuses and tons of reasons to get this weight off, just like everyone else on this forum. I have to admit that I am so scared to make this jump and let go of all the things (ie food) that I have been using as comfort over the last few years. But here goes!!

Well I am looking forward to getting to know a few of you and best of luck to all of us!

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Is in the Zone
Hi Songbird

Welcome!! You've made the first step, that's that hardest part. Have you been to a WW group before?

I was just over 20 stone when I started ... hopefully will get my first 1 stone award on Wednesday :) So we can support each other if you like :)

Anway, don't forget to try and post every day - it really does help keep you on track!

S: 21st1lb C: 21st1lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Twiggy

Thanks for your reply and nice to meet you!

Definetly could do with a diet buddy :D

Have been to a ww group meeting before but really really didnt like the leader (a lot of people didnt take to her, she had zero people skills) so I gave up pretty quickly. Am going to another meeting that is a bit further from where I live but hey I am pretty desperate!

Hope to update every day, so will be back tomorrow night after the meeting and post my confirmed weight.

Take care


Is in the Zone

I've had bad leaders in the past - it really makes the difference, so I hope your new one will be good!

Here's to a new start and a lighter us :D

G: 9st7lb
welcome, songbird (lovely name) and good luck with your weight loss.

We are all here to congratulate, cajole, kick, etc - whatever is required to keep you on track.

Rosie x


In the 10s at last!
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Hi songbird, im new here today also but have been reading posts for a few months b4 I decided to stop bein nosey and actually join in!
Everyone seems real nice on here and no matter how long your journey may seem to be you will find lots of support.
I may only have a stone to go but most times thats the hardest to get rid of!:mad:
Good luck xx


Needs a kick
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Hey welcome and good luck for your first meeting tomorrow. Look forward to hearing how you get on xx
S: 21st1lb C: 21st1lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!

Well life sure knows how to trip you up when you arent looking. I woke today to find out that my father in law has a cancer scare. This is 9 mths on from losing my own father, 6 mths on from losing my closest uncle and 3 mths on from losing a very old family friend. All to cancer.

When I heard the news to be honest I immediately started to remember what we went through with my Dad and a torrent of dread just took over. I am expecting the worst, cant help myself.

Tonight I will stay home to be with my husband who not only is close to breaking point worried about his job but now has to hear that his father and his only living parent is very ill. His only other sibling lives abroad.

I have no idea why I am posting all of this, I am only new here and its all a bit too soon to be opening up so much !! But my God doesnt life suck sometimes..

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This is a great place for offloading all kinds of things so dont worry about that please!! Hope the scare turns out to be unfounded, sounds like you have had a rough time recently
S: 21st1lb C: 21st1lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well went to ww meeting last night and had my first weigh in.

21 stone 1.5 lbs

Am in complete shock to be honest. Didnt realise I had gone up that high.

Well so glad I went, glad I stayed for the talk and ready to start losing this weight.

Will post more later and set up my tracker etc



Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and welcome to WW.
Sorry to hear the news about your FIL i hope the outcome will be a positive one for you and your family.
Good luck with your journey,you will get plenty of help here...:grouphugg:
S: 21st1lb C: 21st1lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the well wishes and good lucks!

Well I am all set and ready to go. Went shopping today and have a fridge full of healthy food, all crap is out of the cupboards and I am in a really good frame of mind to give this 100%.

Not to dwell but the last few mths have been very hard, and now the current news regarding my fil is hard to take in. But everyone has crap that they have to deal with in their lives and not everyone runs to the biscuit tin to make them feel better.
If I dont get my head around this over eating, it will be my health that will be in danger. I really need to get that to sink in.

I have set my goal to get to 200lbs, obviously that is still overweight but its a nice round figure so why not!! I remember hitting 200lbs for the first time and I was distraught at having piled on so much weight... If only I knew then what I know now!

I have quite a big family event at the start of Dec which means a lot to me so I am just hoping to lose as much as possible (and as healthily as possible) before then.

Well so far so good. Hope everyone else is doing well



Is in the Zone

It's a good idea to break your goals into chunks ... that's what I've done. Then when I get there I'll re-assess and see what my next goal will be. If I put my final Goal up now, I think I'd cry at how far i've got to go lol

You sound really positive, and there seems to be a lot of it going round at the moment, so you're in good company. And good for you for not letting life get in the way ... but make sure you do look after youself too :)

Good luck with the 100% week!


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