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soolaboola back from florida!!!!!!


sisters of slim
hi all nice to see all the newbies and the old faces,well done lizz ,icemagic,feeling fat well done on all your losses,well josef and i (and hubby and eldest son) have been to the land of the free (and fat) and no wonder they are fat ,i never saw a veggie or a piece of fruit for 14 days ha ha .for breckfast we were having bacon ,sausage ,fried bread, chicken nuggets, fried egg, egg fried bread ,potatoes fried of course,then ice cream and pink whipped cream and brownies and this was a 8 am.so i am sad to say although we walked 50 million miles round all the theme parks we both put on +4 BUT HUSBAND AND ELDEST SON LOST A POUND AND THEY ARE SKINNY.how does that work.well i just thought i would catch up,started slimfast yesterday joe and i ,and i must say as i wait for the time to pass so i can have my slimfast shake i am starving it is like a detox from all the rubbish we have consumed i have a headache,shaking,sweating ,and i feel awful,i know it will only last a couple of days for my body to ajust but boy the battenburg cake in the kitchen is shouting at me louder than ever ,but i will resist ,right our next weigh in sat keep you posted so as is stands angie -45 and joes -38 but now heading for the -50 and -40 this week. luv to you all soolaboola and josef
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Welcome back home and it sounds like you all had a lovely holiday.

Make sure you are drinking enough water as you are bound to be dehydrated from flying and travelling.

Love Mini xxx
Wow it sounds like a great holiday - I remember going to the US and I found it too much with all the food they put forward - and unlimited coffee - LOL
Good luck as you continue your programme - you sound like you have worked hard so far and are happy to get back to it - Any Tips for a newbie??


sisters of slim
update,back in the swing of things now but just to warn you,today i had to go to my brother in laws flat he is selling to paint so went really early as its far away,so thought cant last on my morning strawberry tinned milkshake till 4pm,i have mine at 12 dinner time and as i write enjoying one now i only do strawberry tinned and my son chocolate tinned funny eh,anyway i digress i thought i will pop out at 12 and go to asda to get a slim fast milkshake bottle (readymade) but at £1.29 thought i am not paying that,arnt we funny i had plenty of money on me but my frugal mind went for asdas own brand carton called measure -up,big mistake it was 48p cheaper and now i know why,it tasted like sweet rancid milk and was watery,warm of course,and left a chemical taste in my mouth all afternoon,so the moral of the story is stick to what you know and after more than 6 months slimfast i should know their is no better than my tinned strawberry,blended with 4 ice cubes,their finished rant.but other than that had a very productive day and got a luvly prawn salad for tonight for me and joes to share so not a wasted asda journy ha ha luv angie and joe x


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Didn't realise you could even get shops own brands lol. Sounds disgusting too.

Did you get the painting finished?

Enjoys your salad. I have a lovely pasta bake for tea
I knew Tesco had its own brand as a guy on here was doing it but I had no idea ASDA had one. I'll definately be sticking with SF shakes yum yum! :D


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Tesco's own brand one is also disgusting! Very sickly sweet, probably does a good job of keeping the weight off though cos I can't imagine being able to hold them down after a few days.

@ Soolaboola; How do you make your shakes? I've never been able to make a good one out of the powdered stuff which has put me on the expensive stuff (even though I have 4 tins of powder) I just read that you put some ice cubes in but what do you use to mix it etc?
Have only got the expensive ones lol. Used the tinned powder many years ago and hated it. Never was able to make it a nice consistancy so tips would be good as it would save a small fortune lol


sisters of slim
hi what i do is measure the 250ml cold skimmed milk, then put it in a glass electric blender not a plastic blender as it does somthing to it i dont know why,add 2 slimfast powdered scoops ,then 4 ice cubes,and wizz it on high for a good 60 sec or so,what happens because the milk is cold and the glass blender is cold and the ice cubes are of course cold it makes the shake thick like a mac milkshake also you get a load of it to drink because of the air that is in it,i think that is why me and joe dont have the 3 snacks because of the amount in your stomach we can last 5 hours on a shake,we have a shake at 11am then on 4pm then a meal(600 cals) at 9pm and thats it,also i go on the treadmill in my kitchen for a 30 run everyday,and joes trampolines for 30 mins while i am on the treadmill.i guess we are in the zone with the dieting at the moment,i am -49 joe is -42 joe has 14lb to go and me 42lb and i want to be finished for christmas this year,then it will have taken 14 months for me and I AM NEVER GETTING FAT AGAIN ,ha ha hope this helps also if you get the tinned slimfast at bogof it works out 20p a shake so if you can get away with the way i do it you will save pounds while losing pounds.good eh bye for now angie x
Thanks Angie, wil try the powdered stuff next I think. Does it taste the same as the ready made cartons.

You go girl, you seem so motivated, bet you do it by Christmas


sisters of slim
i think it taste nicer because it is thicker,you can only give it a go ,all our tastes differ,but money wise it is the best option for me with 2 of us on it , angie x
I agree that the tinned tastes better
I don't like strawberry flavour anything, so I am a chocoholic - I blend mine with a hideously overripe banana and make it the night before and leave in fridge.
Works for me and is 1/4 of the price of readymades
Have to say though I LUUURVE the Peach and Mango smoothie - Yuuuuummmmmiiieeeeeeee


sisters of slim
hi charliew just found bogof in morrisons on till sunday strawberry and choc and i have just bought 10, angie x
Wow soola talk about stocking up ^.^

I'm gonna go buy a blender tomorrow and try it out. Who knows I might be the next one in morrisons with 5 tins of Slimfast under each arm ;)

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