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soon-to-be-slims' slim down diary!

so this is week 2!!!

so far i have really enjoyed the CC side of dieting much more enjoyable than ww or sw!

here goes

belvita biscuits 214
1% milk 86 (200ml)
warbartons bread 110
ham 40
skips 87
ww yoghurt 62
eat smart meal 238

837/ 1450.... so far today.....enough for snack later!
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Welcome! Sounds like your doing really really well!
Im an ex WW and SWer so calorie countings new for me but its good so far! Keep up the fab work!
What where you losses like in your first week?
hi! first week as 3kg (approx 6lb!) i was sooo pleased! i know it will be less this week but im still happy!

hows it going for you?
Ive not even started properly yet!
6 pounds is great!
thanks! i wish id tried CC a long while ago! i feel so much better already in comparision t owhen i was on ww or sw!
i feel more trusting of it, because you could be 100% on sw and still gain. And ww new free fruit got me but i can still have whateva i want. and i dont have to really count as i use myfitnesspal :)
good luck and have a nice day x
today has been ok - havent really had to think too much but i have be concious not to pick and managed to stop myslef with ease whichhave been a big turn around!!!

im out for lunch at a buffet chinese on fri so im cutting cals today and tomorrow and fri in order to accoun t for that - hope it works!!
Congratulations on our weight loss so far.

I'm also CCing, and have lost 5lbs so far. I have to admit, that I probably could have lost more if I'd really tried in the first week, but I'm on it 100% now, and 2011 will be the year I succeed lol. :D

Friday at the Chinese sounds like it could be quite a challenge, but I'm sure you'll do fine. I'm going to an Indian on the weekend, and have no idea what to eat!

I hope today goes well for you.

Carol x
hi all

well today has been a breeze and im really enjoying it! dreadinhg my meal out on fri - ive cut back yesterday, today and will on thurs too to 1200 in order to re-coup some of the damage on fri at the chinese - will this work?? im going to choose wisely and watch my portions and do my best - fingers crossed!
hi all

been out to the chimese buffet! was lurvely!!! i was very careful - had meat based starters and avoided prawn crackers. for main i went for noodles and plain rice (small amounts) and did have some curry and chow mein. these quantities were quite normal to small in portion.

im pleased with what i chose and dont regrett it yet (may do when weigh in on sun!)

now im getting hungry - i was plannign to just have fruit and ww yoghurt - then bath and early night to counter act the hunger!!!!

or would you just go for a low cal meal??
Well done on making good choices at the chinese, I zig zag my calories all the time to account for a bit of naughtiness in my life and it's worked for me so far. x
week two! 0.5kg (1lb) gone - really pleased with this as the 2 week total is fabulous!!

looking forward to continuing for week 3 - might try some variety on breakfast andlunch!

really want to get under the 100kg this week!
wahoo, well done! x
week 3 day3

all still going ok - i seem to have stopped writing it down and i need to start this again. im not cheating though and havent snacked in week now!!

mamanging to stick to my cals and do get very hungry when it comes to meals but choosing fruit if im peckish and recognising real hunger and having my meals a bit earlier! instead of a snack to tide me over!!!

having to weigh in on sat this week as not at work sun!

hope everyone else is ok xxxxxxxx
Well done on avoiding the snacks! I don't count anymore, just know that as long as I'm STARVING I must be within my calorie limit... LOL!!!

Good luck for Saturday! x
week 3!

hi all

weighed in on friday night in the end as my work day changed and result is......1kg down!!

so excited!!!!!! whoop!!!!
Whoop whoop, nice loss!!! x
thanks!!! how you getting on?? you look very happy in your photo!!!
I hit the 4 stone mark today... but I've gone a bit overboard with celebrating with food so going to need to work my butt off to put it right by next weigh in!

I'm always happy, even when back then when I was a proper chunky monkey! I should probably update my pic, I look nothing like that now, lol! x
fabulous!!! yes update it!!!

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