Sooo quiet here :o(


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Whenever I log on to have a chat or see what's going on there's rarely anyone else about...has everyone given up on this forum or am I just missing everyone?

I've only been using this site for a couple of weeks but in that time I've only once logged on and it been really busy.

It's such a shame :(
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Hiya Marie!

I think it is just the fact it is Saturday evening so is always quieter than a weekday evening or during the day.



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watching harry potter .............sorry x


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You mean to say people actually have better things to do at the weekend?!! I can't believe that! Lol!

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Yep the forum is usually quieter from late Friday until Sunday night picks up quite a bit then.

I think everyone is still getting back into routine after the holidays it takes some of us longer than others!

Once everyone is back online this is the quickest moving forum I know.



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I am on the forum more when I am at work..:eek: .

We have got Hary Poterr on too, but bit bored with it so catching up on here instead. :)

Deb x


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Yes it is a bit quiet, good chance for me to wean myself away and treat myself to an early night, once the boys are finally in bed.

I notice that 15th of November there was 174 online. That's a huge amount! Does anyone know if there was some particular reason so many were about that particular night? I don't think I have ever seen anywhere near that number online before.

Dizzy x


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Hi Cheb

We pre ordered a wii on 16 Nov for our three boys for Xmas. It didn't arrive in time but has been posted on Friday and the parcel is tracked to about 20 miles from here. We should get monday then. Fingers crossed! Funny this morning we were awoken from our sleep by a knock at the door. you should have seen Mizzy get out of bed and down the stairs in a flash. Funny though it was a dvd i ordered from amazon, he told me I was evil when I laughed on his return. He's way more excited than the boys!!!

Hope I like it too would be great to have something the whole family likes to do together.

Have fun

Dizzy x


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Hi there.

Ive LOADS of posts to catch up on. Been staying at my parents for a couple of days and everytime I sat at the PC my dad appeared wanting to use it!! As a seriously active poster/moderator on his football teams forum the weekend is when its at it busiest. I even tried to set up a wireless network with my laptop, to no avail lol

Still Im back home now, and as Im 'not allowed' out til Im fully recovered Ill be catching up later.

Dont get disheartened Marie, Im sure (I hope) the quiet spell is just temporary :)