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Sore Boobs and not menstrual


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Hi I'm 46 and my menstrual cycles are a bit hit an miss and every other month I get full blown PMT with sore boobs, belly cramps etc Well just over a week ago I had my period 28/06/2011 which means its only just over a week since my last period but yesterday my boobs started hurting again? They feel really sore today and heavy?? Is it the menopause?
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No definitely not, i know what you mean though but I had them just before my period last time which is quite common for me but never the week after, unless my cycles playing silly ******* and I'm due on again!
I hope not for your sake (isn't it fun being a woman?!) Although I know a few women who are pre-menopausal and have the same problems as you!

You could pop along to your GP and ask for a blood test. This will confirm it. Although there isn't a lot they can do anyway but it may be worth it for peace of mind?
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I started like this a couple of years ago and i'm 44 now. Pre menopausal. All good fun, the bloods confirmed change of hormones etc which apparently is normal when pre menopausal. I also had a spate of having a period 2 weekly etc. Evened itself out again at the moment thank good ness :)


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I can go 40 days to 22 days between periods it's a nightmare but this is a new one on me. I normally get them about 4 days before if I'm gonna get them so they would make me due on 14 days since last one. I hope not!


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sound like the menopause to me.


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Hmm. Sounds a bit like me - only I don't get the sore boobs thing. After years of being regular as anything, now I can go a few months as normal and then I seem to be "almost but not quite" having a period for a couple of weeks at a time. And then normal again for a couple of months.

I'm 46 and when I asked my mum about her menopause (as you tend to follow your mother) she said she was relatively young, around 45. So it fits. She did say she sailed through with no hot flushes though, so fingers crossed.

Maybe you should have the blood tests people have mentioned though (not that I have lol) to put your mind to rest about the sore boobs?


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Ooh I know I'm not pregnant lol hubby had the snip 15 years ago. Just googled breast pain and menopause and it's definitely listed as a symptom between periods so looks like it's that then
Not looking forward to hot flushes though
Can't ask my mum as she passed from cancer 13 years ago :(


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Last week when i had it, it disappeared as soon as my period started.

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