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sore throat and icky


a new way of living!
Hi all,

hope you are all haivng a great day!

I have had a sore throat for a couple of days now, and felt a bit icky earlier.

is there any sugar free throat sweets that i can have on the 810 plan?

I would gargle with dispersible aspirin but i take 2x 800mg ibuprophen every day so cant add aspirin to it.

i was naughty last night and had a lemsip. i figured even if it knocked ketones out i would sleep through it, did wake up feeling hungy but porridge sorted that out.

anyone suggest anything i can have?

thanks in advance

Helen xx
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Trying to stay healthy!
oor poor you!! can't help with advice but hope you feel better soon!!:hug99:
Hope you feel better soon.

Cambridge don't approve any cough/throat sweets. They suggest orange water flavouring hot and then taking a couple of paracetamol.

Think you have to decide how bad you are - and if you are really bad then I'd take something to make me better .... if not too bad stick with paracetamol/nurafen and maybe vicks rubbed on your chest at night as a decongestant.


a new way of living!
thanks beverley. i did see some strepsils sugar free, so i got some, they are strawb flavour and not that nice tbh, but they numb my throat a bit.

I would normally try and live with it, but its got worse - so i made sure they were sugar free and had no citric acid in. there is a little maltose syrup listed near the end of the ingredients, so i wouldn't call them safe of reccommend them to anyone, unless they really really need it and cant take aspirin.

it'll pass soon enough.

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