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Sorry I've been AWOL

Hello you lovely peeps. I just wanted to apologise for not being around much over the past couple of weeks.

I've been completely selfish as I really didn't feel like being sociable. snotty cow! LOL.

One or two personal problems, but nothing major. But slimming wise I hit the brick wall. I was still on plan 100% but was losing very little. The dreaded plateau!! Then last week I gained 1/2 a pound for absolutely no reason, other than ToTM! I was devastated. I'd done nothing wrong and got a gain, a blot on my weight sheet. I know it's stupid, and I know it's only 1/2 a pound, but it upset me so much. It hadn't helped because I'd only been losing a pound or pound and a half for the past few weeks. I know a lot of people would be happy with that and i know I should, but when you do it 100% you do expect a bit more than 1lb, especially as it had been coming off so well up until Christmas, and including over christmas and the new year. No gains whatsoever! So yes, this tiny little gain upset me for the entire week when I was already down in the dumps about it.

Everyone kept telling me.. but look how much you've lost already, you look great etc.. but all I could see is how far I've still got to go.. I still have another 6 stone 10 to lose to get to my target. I also know that 1lb a week is 4 stone in a year, but that would mean another 18 months at 1lb a week. I'd give up before then. I really don't want to give up, my head is still in the right place, I AM getting to target! It's just been a long slow haul these past few weeks.

So being a bit dispondent, it's hard to come on here and appear to be happy and cheerful and offer advice to other people when I felt so shitty.

I have been keeping up with my blog though, and that's warts n' all. So if you don't see me around for a few days and wonder what's up.. go check my blog and you'll see if I'm happy or not LOL.

It is nice to come back on the site though and catch up and see all the helpful and friendly advice and banter.

I plan to be around a bit more again now that I've lost 2lbs this week. I emailed my consultant last night and told her to bring a hacksaw to class today because if I didn't lose more than 1lb I was going to start chopping body parts off LOL. Luckily she didn't need to use it :D
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Reached Target. woohoo
Really good to have you back hun. Its hard when you lose less than you want or expect no matter what people tell us we know what we want and can't feel good until we get it, saying that you HAVE done brilliantly and need to give yourself a pat on the back. I only lost on average 1.5lbs a week but i had set myself a goal of 4-5lbs a month so i was in my comfort zone of targets and went for each half a stone as mini targets. Keep going love its not a race we all get there in the end and enjoy it when you do. xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, i did wonder where you were. Glad to have you back. Do you think you will success express it for a few days and see if that helps or are you in a place where you could drop a couple of syns. I've had a horrible week too, just feeling a bit down in the dumps too. Everyone here has been great though. x


Finding inspiration
It's funny, I had a 1/2 pound gain the week before last too. I reckon mine was TOTM also. But I was really quite down about it also. I'd made up in my mind that the coming week had to be 100% because I was determined to lose again. And that meant not having anything in the house to lead me astray. Of course that meant EATING the last half of the small jar of Nutella I'd bought to make scan bran ferrero rochers! LOL!!! I really was in a frump about my gain... so I indulged my disappointment with the Nutella and that was that. Back on track. Came back the next week with a 4lb loss! So I'm feeling much happier again. I think it was just TOTM playing tricks with me.

And though I enjoyed the first few spoons of the Nutella a lot, I was determined to finish it so I couldn't pick at it anymore and made myself feel a bit sick! Serves me right! :D
LOL Taz. Your right, the time I need the support most, I clear off LOL. I'll try not to do it again ma'am :D

Thanks for your support ladies, it's much appreciated
Great to see you back Annie.x
So glad that you are back Annie!!! You are right though..sometimes you just dont want to talk to people and hear all the sympathy that they can give you. Its your way of beating yourself up for a tiny little gain!!!! ....not good!
Everyone goes through this at some stage and I know thats easy for me to say, but its true. When I joined SW back in 2004 as I was getting married, I would break my heart everytime I got on the scales and was told I had gained. I was 100% strict and didnt cheat once. I kept food diaries for my Consultant to see and there was nothing that I was doing wrong. It pained me to see how good I was being when there were others that had confessed to being naughty and still lost weight...how dare they!
Anyway, I'm going on! Its 0.7lbs Huni, its not the end of the world and it will come off.
Fingers crossed for you at your next weigh in!

Glad you feel like coming back :)

I've been having a bit of a grey old time of it over the last week or so too. I've been losing SO slowly and it's so frustrating and upsetting. I just look down at my belly and feel like crying. I feel like it's never going to go away!

I've still been coming here and trying to stay focused (despite the V weekend blip) but I can completely understand why you wouldn't want to. There have been times when I just want to ignore the 'slimming' thing altogether!

I am trying success express today and until the weekend, to see what happens. It's not radically different from how I usually eat so, as usual, I don't think I will show a good loss, but even if it's 1lb I suppose I have to be happy with that.

Sorry, I was going to try to be all positive and whatnot but am being quite miserable and woe-is-me instead! LOL!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Glad you back Annie ,I sort of get where your coming from though,when I feel miserable I just cant be bothered with anything,but you naughty girl you should have come here,you have given loads of support to others and could have endulged yourself a little,look how much weight you have lost,keep it up you looking good
Aw welcome back hun. One thing that I have learned by looking at all the different posts is that we are all the same. We are all only human and we are all prone to good and bad days. This forum is so supportive and I wished I had found it years ago. You have picked yourself up and dusted your self off hun and good for you. We are alll here to support each other and I think it is great because we all know how everyone else is feeling because we have all been there. keep going hun. Onwards and upwards as they say.xx
Oh thank goodness you're back, I was wondering if all was well. You are my personal mascot and standard-bearer Annie, you are not allowed to disappear again, OK? I need you to keep me going! :D
LOL Elizabeth. Thank you :D

You can't get rid of me that easy folks. I'm in this one to the end. I just had a grump with myself LOL.

Just goes to show how supportive this site is. I didn't think anyone would notice let alone be missed ... awwwwww


No Coffee, No Workee
Welcome back Annie, it's nice to see you! :party0011:

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