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sorry me again...lol, Ketosis???

Im sorry for all the questions but im learning now and getting to grips with everything..... slowly...lol.

So i should be in ketosis now because i haven't eaten a thing since i started, si if im right then that means i should be burning fat????

So what effects Ketosis? because of me having a little baby when i am feeding her i make sure its cool enough by sticking it on my tounge (dont eat it) will little things like this effect it??

Also if i do eat (not that i am going to) will it set me back 4 days like i have been told, so if i eat anything i could be set back days and days of losing water?

Sorry i have googled ketosis and searched info out but not fully understanding it and scared im effecting my weight loss by feeding the kids.
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Hey :)

Chances are you are in ketosis by now. But everyone hits it at different times. I hit ketosis day 2!! some people take 2 weeks! buy some ketostix on ebay to see what your ketone levels are.

Touching food on your tongue wouldnt be that bad.. BUT theres no need. For a start, our tongues are hotter than a babies tongue so really thats no indication of wether its the right temp. Its better to touch your top lip cuz thats very sensitive and you wont be getting food in your mouth!! I touched my daughters pizza to my lip to see if it was too hot last night and felt really uncomfortable having food near my mouth like that lol.

If you were to balls it up and eat carbs above 30-40g then yes, your body would snap straight back to using glucose for energy and you would have to have a fair few days of getting back into ketosis. And iv heard its a rough ride the second time around. I dunno if thats true or not but if you ever do feel desperate you must always choose protein!
Touching milk on your tongue won't hurt, don't eat carbs if you do cheat, protein only, Ketosis will stay if you don't eat carbs!! If you come out of Ketosis it will set you back, more so because you will start feeling hungry all time and start craving food, if you've already cheated once you will do it again!

Focus on TFR 100% and then it won't be an issue....GOOD LUCK
i dont think she meant milk??? if you did hun then yeah that would be ok. but i wouldnt with food.. especially when your lip will do a better job! x
Thanks for that ive ordered some sticks off ebay, but because i have done so well i think by now i'll be in ketosis and i will be staying off the carbs as they are my one and only downfall anyway.
Yes i ment actually food for my daughter but also like you squeeze i have been feeling strange actually having the food near my mouth so i will change that.
Thanks again :)
No worries :) let us know when your sticks arrive and what they say!! I'm sure you will be in ketosis by now :) x

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