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Red Days sorry, me again

I know I'm a pain in the rear end, apologies!

Now I've got the hang of EE I'm trying to dabble in red and green after doing a couple of green days without realising. I think green will be good if I need carbs but for me I think it will only a few times a month as I OD'd on them yesterday, toast, alpen lights, pasta and egg noodles. Soooo I thought I'd give red a bash today to even things out. The only literature I have is strongly based around EE. I have the syn book thing though somewhere. Need to dig it out. Anyhoo would this be red?

B: muller and fruit

L: egg (are they free on red?), bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes (maybe some beans too)

D: homemade burgers, salad, sw chips (can I use a spud with skin on and class this as a HEX?)

Also is it 2 of each hex or 1A and 2B's?

Many thanks :)
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Someone will come and give you a much better response than this will be but to answer some of your questions.

Yes, eggs are free on red.
Yes, you can use potato with the skin on for a Healthy B but it's a limited amount so you'll have to weigh it. I don't think the beans are free foods on red so you'll either have to HEX them or syn them.
You can have 1 or 2 Healthy A's and 2 Healthy B's. If you've been doing EE, you'll totally notice the extras. I LOVE THEM. Alpen Lights AND toast in the same day?! :)

HTH :)
What weight of spud is allowed for a Hex? I shall give the beans a miss then (hubby will thank you all kindly :giggle:).

Thank you
I used potato with skin on and chip them as sw chips in actifryer and use as HEB and it's 227g raw weight

Beans are def a HEB and also sweetcorn isn't free food on red days either x

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