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Sorry to mention Christmas again ....


Just doing it this time
But at class - think it might be country-wide we've had the little cardboard christmas tree and we've all had stickers to pledge or WISH what we'd like for Christmas.

This was SW related - so it could have been I wish that I was at goal - OR I wish that I could be in size 14 clothes comfortably. OR I wish that I was in the next 'stones' barrier etc etc.

My wish is that I would be at Target on Christmas Morning - 10stone & 10 lb's.

WHAT's Your Christmas Wish?
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i would like it to be 2 stone lighter than when i started which means i need to start exercising lol
i wish to have 2 stone gone, leaving me with 2 stone to go before my holiday in May 2011 x
Mine is to hit my club10. I have 8.5lbs to lose to hit that.

But...sssssssssshhhhhh....dont tell anyone...... my secret, secret wish (!) is that I can lose 2 stone by xmas or New Year taking me down to 15, 8 its the weight I got down to last time I did SW, 7 years ago. I feel once Im there, THEN, the weightloss game really starts!!!
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I wished to get my 4 1/2 stone award. I have 12.5lbs to go but will be tough as losses seem to have slowed down recently. I will give it a good shot though!!

I wish to be at target. Ok, 17 pounds is quite a big wish but I have been a VERY VERY good girl this year!
another 10 pounds off would be great
we did it at class this morning, my wish was to get 3.5st award by xmas, so i'll weigh 12st....im at 12st11.5lb at the moment ...fingers crossed:character00115:


Just doing it this time
Good luck to you all ........... how quickly it will all go too - so we gotta be good, not naughty - but we're all nice on here too :eek:


Less of a man each day
A big lottery win, World Peace and to have 1.5st off by Crimbo.


Now to maintain.....
havent done mine yet as missed class on monday but it will be to get to target for christmas! my last weigh in before christmas is the 23rd december and i maker that 11 weigh ins......9.5lb to go until target.

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