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sorry to moan, my21st birthday and i just wanna eat!

well title says it all, really didn't want to post this but didn't know where else to turn. its my 21st birthday today and i'm at home with my little boy alone and all i wanna do is eat and enjoy my birthday!!!

i just feel so down about it, haven't even had a shake today cuz i just cant face them when all i want is a ham sandwich! just dunno wot to do, tried going out for walk but now its raining and even walking i couldn't stop thinking about it! argggggggggggg :cry:
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If you can get through today then your set for the rest of the diet. Look at today as a test - that you have to pass

Your doing this diet so that you'll be lovely and skinny - so for your 22nd you can go out in lovely tight clothes and look like an absolute stunner.

I was pregnant for my 21st so I couldnt drink - so i kinda know how you feel

Your halfway through the day - keep going xxxx

keep positive , you just have to be strong , just think by your nxt birthday you will be at a weight you want to be at and you can go out and enjoy all the naughty things then!!!! (in moderation of course) , i know its hard especially when its occasions that you are used to going out and doing what you like but you know deep inside ,you are here for a reason and that reason is to make you happy in the body you are in and by your nxt birthday you will be and the fun begins and you will be a lot happier person :)


WEEK ONE ............ 10 lbs 5/3/08
WEEK TWO............ 3 lbs 12/3/08
WEEK THREE........ 2 lbs 19/3/08 1ST STONE GONE !!!!!!+ 1lb
WEEK FOUR.......... 3 lbs 26/3/08
WEEK FIVE............ 5 lbs 2/4/08
WEEK SIX............... 3 lbs 9/4/08
WEEK SEVEN......... 1 lb 16/4/08
WEEK EIGHT.......... 4 lbs 23/4/08 2ND STONE GONE !!!!!! + 3lb
aww thats for your support, think its getting to me so much as i was 9 months pregnant for my 18th birthday so always said i'd have a 21st to remember and now on this diet i cant so its soooo hard! and everyone keeps on telling me what i'm missing by being on it :(


Says it as it is!!!
Hi Hunni
Happy Birthday, i was pregnant on my 18th and my parents decided a party in a pub woule be a good ideas (bless em) so i was gutted i couldnt drink....try doing something else you like doing instead of eating,take your little boy out to the pctures or bowling or something ( i am presuming he is old enough of course)
Have your shake and you may stop thinking of food if you tummy is full
P.S IGNORE everyone else there will be plenty more times to be had
You dont have to celebrate your 21st today - why not have a HUGE celebration when you are off the diet

You can celebrate a beleated birthday and also the fact that you have achieved your goal?

It will also give you something to look forward to.

My friend has promised me a shopping spree in Dublin, lunch and a night in with a bottle of wine (spritzer for me obviously) when I reach my goal
well he's nearly 3 but we live in a tiny tiny market town so have nothing like that here and hubby has car at work! we've been out walking all morning to try and take my mind off it but now its raining so we're kind of stuck inside now!
yes we have decided we are going to celebrate properly in 3 months when i finish my diet! have a bbq party but thats 3 months away so such a long time!
spose i'm just feeling sorry for myself but i know i'll feel great when i buy all my clothes in a size 12 again!


Says it as it is!!!
well he's nearly 3 but we live in a tiny tiny market town so have nothing like that here and hubby has car at work! we've been out walking all morning to try and take my mind off it but now its raining so we're kind of stuck inside now!
Afternoon nap????
Whatever you do dont keep saying to yourself that its 3 months away!!! You need to take it one day at a time - its the only way to stop yourself feeling miserable

How about everyday say to yourself - Im one day closer to my BBQ party?

You'll drive yourself mad thinking of how long left you have.
ok good thinking. well i'm a week and a hlf in so just got to look forward to how great i'll feel at next weeks weigh in! and how great i'll feel in my skirt n vest top at my bbq party!

thanks oxoxallyoxox you really have helped me feel much more positive. just got to keep out of the kitchen now!
No worries hun - i know exactly what your going through - everyone here does.

Its always good to know that you are not the only person at home going crazy.

Just remember 1 day at a time and you will be fine!!


weighs a lot less
happy birthday hun,i was pregnant on my 21st as well but think how fab you will be for your 30th ,i missed that as well because i was so fat i didnt want to celebrate,3 mths might seem like a long way away now but you will be amazed how fast it goes xxx
Firstly Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Think if you stick to it now - next birthday you'll be able to celebrate and be slim too. If you give in now ... you might lose it totally and forever be on and off the diet wagon. Stay strong ... celebrate in another way tonight with OH and make a date in the future when you'll be slim ... and have a belated party and show everyone the new you!

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