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Sorry - toilet talk

Sorry sorry sorry!
If you dont want to read a post bout poop I understand but all comments gladly accepted.
I have had a teeny weeny prob since day 1 and though it its not happening a lot I've got an upset tummy :eek::eek::eek::eek:... Its only little bits as obviously food intake is packs only...
I expected to be constipated not the other way?
Is this ok though - I'm drinking 4-5L water a day so I'm not dehydrated. Its DAY 4 for me and still going strong xxxx
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Loving the Cambridge Diet
It is caused by the high nutrient content in the packs.

You could either split three packs into six and make sure you have plenty of water immediately before and immediately after each half shake, or you could dilute the shakes with more water.

Unless you are lactose intolerant, which would cause this too.

Mrs V

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I am not constantly on the loo, I am the opposite. This put me off the last time, as it hurt (sorry tmi!)
I am having to take the Fibre Gel stuff with the shakes to make sure I go and I drink lots of water too!
I'm splitting 1 pack into 2 x shakes, trying to drink 1.5l before 1st shake and another 1ltr before 2nd usually about 4-5hrs later. Though I have other 2 packs, 1 made into crisps and the other as soup. So far I've looked forward to feeling full in the evening when temptation lurkes round the front room corner into the kitchen :sigh: & I'm not lactose intolerant x


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I was like you in the first week. I think it was just my body getting rid of all the junk I had been feeding it.. It settled down after 6 or 7 days and then I found I needed to go every couple of days. You are not taking in much volume so once it settles you will not need to go every day like before.

As others have said, it could be the high concentration of vitamins etc in each shake, so if it continues you could take the advice about splitting the packs,but I found after a week I was fine.
Day 5 did the same for me, felt the world was coming out!!! I think its the bodies way of getting rid of nasties x

It cleared up after a few hours x
It's day 4 - and have to say its not as bad so far today and I've been awake since 4am.... My son who's 8 has his 1st field trip to London Zoo & was so excited he couldn't sleep. He got up at 3am and told me he needed a flipping bath :):):):)... I dragged myself up at about 6am, with a proper banging headache :cry::cry:, he looked at me with huge blue eyes and told me he was starving and could I make him scrambled egg, baked beans and toast :p:p:p:p... So I did!

It seems to have settled so far today - thank goodness :eek::eek::eek:


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Cambridge is a form of detox which is what could be causing your current problems.

Since we've ruled out everything else I would just wait and see - it should settle down itself.


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I'm the same tinkle. I had one day in the first week of being bunged up and had to take something, but otherwise I've had the runs every day. But I have fibromyalgia, which causes IBS style symptoms, and I'm just putting it down to that.
I got the same problems!! Totally uncontrolable. One day im bunged, next its :S!!!

My OH thinks it's funny.....git!!!


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Yes , i've had that too being lose now its the other way . The Joys of the diet .
Now you see i'm on week 8 and i still have the odd day where i'm very loose but its usually the day after i've not drank enough water or i've maybe had too many carbs the day before

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