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Soul Source + Chicken

i dont know - thats why i'm asking - i'm on pure ss
with adding 2oocal meal eg chicken and green veg this is ss+
just the shakes is ss but from what Ive read on here some people have the odd ss+ day when they need something extra and this dosnt mess with the losses.xx


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Well technically im on SS but I suppose im really somewhere inbetween. I lose 4lbs a week usually with 3 shakes and chilcken. I don't think its technically allowed but it works for me and stops me giving up.
I sometimes have tuna in spring water wraped ina lettuce leaf, its nice just to eat something. good luck all.xx
sorry - when i put purely SS i meant i was only doing SS (with no cheating or adding or anything, its not a new thing)
i've openned the chicken and had a piece(just plain chargrilled) - its lovely
Erm, can i just say, if you are eating anything except your required number of packs, black tea, black coffee or water then you aren't doing SS.

This has been discussed many times onn this forum, and i know Linda (CDC counsellor, head honcho, uber god and oracle) agrees that SS is SS. If you are eating a bit of chicken every day then you need to follow the SS+ plan :)

Hope that helps, and you can't really tell if it affects your losses cos you can't compare your body week by week on CD as you are losing weight fast.

:) xxx

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Blue Grapefruit is quite right - sole source is sole source, and that's that. But if you don't want to stick to sole source, then do Sole Source Plus or anything upwards, calorie-wise.

As far as pre-cooked, shrink-wrapped chicken is concerned, it's extremely unlikely to be 100% chicken. Last packet I looked at was 83% chicken and a load of fat, salt, sugar and flavourings.

Just buy a pack of raw, skinless, boneless breasts, cook them all according to the book, slice them thinly, and freeze individual portions until you need them - easy, cheaper and you know what you're really eating.
I love the concept of "soul" source, makes it sound all fluffy and good for the soul. ;)

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