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Soups vs. Savoury Drinks

You can buy the savoury drinks from your counsellor - you can drink them at any time (don't have to wait for ketosis) but you shouldn't have more than 2 a day. If you look at the sheet your counsellor gives you to fill in for packs you should see it at the bottom along with the powders you can add to your water.

A lot of people buy Marigold Boullion from the supermarket though and use this instead of the savoury drinks as it is a heck of a lot cheaper.
Do you know how much they are? Just thinking I am about at the end of my budget at 66 quid a week!! That also reminds me to ask what the cost of the water flavourings are?

This Marigold Boullion - does that slow down the diet at all?

It'd be nice on these cold nights to have something warm to drink other then bblack tea/coffee!

They cost £5 and you get 14 sachets, expensive I think. I like them because they do count as part of your 4 litres, and I like a hot drink and struggle getting 4 litres down so end up not having many hot drinks.

You can put tabasco in it so I have heard from this site.
To be honest I really can't remember - I think one of them is £7 but not sure which one that is. Am sure that someone will be along soon who will know.

Re the MB - I don't think it slows the diet down at all - I've drank it when I was doing LL last time and it didn't affect my losses.
Thinking about it the water flavourings might be £9 --- think it used to cost me £75 for the class and the water flavourings - I'm a fruits of the forest fan, not as keen on the orange and lemon one.
Savoury Drink powders are £6 per box of 14 and Water Flavourings are £9 (Fruits of Forest and St.Clements)

Soups are the packs (Veg, mushroom, chicken, thai chilli)

Savoury drinks are extra to packs and don't contain the nutrition that the packs do.

Some counsellors will sell half box of Savoury Drink powders so £3 for one per day.


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hi hun

the marigold boullion swiss vegetable tastes like chicken noodle soup, its lush, you can get the lo salt also, if you cant the ordinary ones are no problem just dont put intoo much as they can be real salty.

sun xxx

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