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South Beach Starter

Ok ive tried a few diets and they all work if you stick at them CD and LIPO you lose like 10 stone quickly, sw and ww you lose slower but it takes longer to come back on.
I need to lose weight like 10 stone really, and i dont want to go back on lipo or cd just due to the nastiness around number 2's etc.. :p

I am trying out the south beach diet and started on Monday - so far its Wednesday and no cheating which is great.
I think i can stick to this one and my mind is set to lose the weight.

Anyone else on South beach at the mo - I know its kind of an unpopular one as more people like the fats and creams of atkins. This SB diet though seems a more healthy version of atkins and I mainly seem to be eating salads atm :D
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Lindo good luck on SB. Im on a low carb diet not really atkins. I agree that the low carb diet does work I'm proof of it and I know that the liquid based diet works as Ive done 1 week on a liquid diet and lost 8 pounds..

Keep me informed on how you are doing.. Ive to read up more on the SB diet just curious about the difference between atkins..
Well its day 4 and so far no cheating and I am not screaming for anything I miss just yet. I feel a bit more awake today as the first 3 days I felt so very tired - completely exhausted in fact. I came home from work arrived home at 6pm and crashed out at 7pm on the chair waking up at midnight. This i hope is now over as I now feel great and not at all tired as of yet.
On a low carb diet what can we munch on to get a bit of an energy boost now and then?
Sounds like what they call the atkins flu being tried and etc.. after a few days the enegry comes back..
1st week in and 8lb loss, not bad at all though with such a large loss yet to go im not going to get cocky.
Had amazing diorreha this evning though,just come from no-where. i remember something similar on Lipo, minging but hopefully now gone :p
hey lindo congrats on 8 pound loss.. hopefull the diarrhea is a passing thing. how are you now?
Hi Lindo,
I was on South Beach for aaages, now I'm just "healthy eating", but I think it's a great diet.
Well done on your loss so far. Hope you're over the south beach flu Not long to go before you can move into Phase 2! Good luck with the rest of it!

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