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South Indian food


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I don't think slimming world covers any of the more specific south indian foods?

I am eating at uni at the moment and can cook my own meals- but when I am home my mom will be cooking? And I will be going to our temple a lot- where food will not be Syn free?

Does anyone have any ideas how I can incorporate this? I am usually good on diets- until I go home- caus I find most can't compensate for foods from other cultures really well?

Like for example, where can I find out where stringhoppers and lamb kottu roti are?
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Although you may not find those foods listed on SW, you would be able to break down the recipes and work out the syns of each ingredient. For example stringhoppers are probably not listed, but the rice flour it is made from will be.

Would your mum not let you cook something SW friendly?

I suggest if you are in a situation where you have absolutely no idea of syns, eat just enough to be polite and pad out your day with lots of fruit.


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The rice would be free on green and extra easy, also, fruit if served. Maybe you could fill up on these and take it easy on the rest, or have a small meal or snack before you go, and eat only small portions of food.


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Ill try your suggestions- I am just worried- cooking at home is really not healthy at all- I can just see myself falling off the bandwaggon :( My parents are very much of the attitude- that there 'no need for exercising and dieting- if you just controlled yourself to eat less' - needless to say there are very annoying- much as I love them- and will be criticising everything I am doing :(


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I wish slimming world had a more up to date suggestions from people on the diet who have other kinds of food- Im pretty sure that WW does. It's frustrating, I dont want to give up on my home food because of SW. Also, stringhopper are like steamed flour- they are subcontinentally meant to be really healthy for you- the sauces that come with them maybe not so- but the the SH themselves.

Im really frustrated :mad: