Sparkle - how did it go?!


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I just missed their call... Called them back, and the man I need to talk to had just walked out the office.

If they do offer it, I don't think I'm going to accept it.

If I'm completely honest it isn't a job I would take. Having looked into it, read the job description and person specification, and had the interview... it's just not something I want, definately nothing to do with the area I want to get into.

However I had planned that IF they offer it to me, I would accept it, just to get out of where I am. I would either keep looking and hope another job came up, or there's even the possibility that it would be offered and then withdrawn due to my occupational health form (I had a lot of problems a couple of years ago - resulting in an overdose attempt, I've had to detail this on the form). I would be out of a job, but I would still be able to pay the bills for a couple of months and would look for a new one.

However I've just spoken to my mum... I think I might stick it out where I am. If I leave it would mean a significant pay cut, and I'd be hoping to leave soon anyway. That's extremely unfair on them. I think I'm best off doing my current job to the best of my ability, putting on an act that everything is fine, and trying to get a job in the field that I want... Which is media production (I've written to our local tv station, and have been told to call them at the end of March).

I'm so unsure, but at the same time I think that what I've decided is for the best.

Does it make sense?


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It makes perfect sense, and if it's any help then I think you're making the right decision. If you stick it out where you are then things might even improve.

Chin up chick.

How's your diet going, all well on that front?


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I'm finding it much easier today, in fact, I've had a beef casserole cooking away in the slow cooker all day and now I don't even fancy it, so I'm going to skip the meal and snack my way through those points instead, hehe.


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What a decision! Pay cut doesnt sound good but then the money isnt worth it if youre miserable. Might be worth hanging on in there if you can, if you think you might get something else soon.

Dont envy you having to decide.

DO keep us updated!