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sparklyfionas journey 2009

Ok since we have been given this diary bit I thought I best make use of it!!!

ok so the story so far......
I am mum to 2 girls and have been on xenical for 1 month, I started because I am suffering from bad hips and back pain started by having my girls but not helped by carry a few xtra stone around:( so I am signed off work and I really need to get better so I can finish my course and finally become a proper nurse!!!

starting stats: 198lb ( 90kg on docs scales) 44inc waist *eeekkk*
stats today:191lb (on the wii) 40inc waist :)

I have been very good well better than normal considering my usual diet consisted of takeaways 4-5 times a week but I am losing very slowly :( I know I need to do more exercise but A)it hurts and B) i hate the gym :(
so any susgestions would be fab
I will try and post everyday but hey you know what life is like :)

well I think I have boared you all enough
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Oh no you haven't! Ditto on the weight loss speed and exercise front. I keep telling myself at least its down rather than up, on the scales.

Will keep up with your news.
Morning all, ok so in an effort to do some exercise I have spent 20 min on the wii doing step and yoga, now I know its not enough really but its a start, I have also decided that its time to stop ignoring the dog and start going for more walks so with that in mind Im going to get dressed do tesco then walk the dog (and kids!!) I know Im going to hurt later on but hey no pain no gain right???

todays foody bit

Breakfast: 1 slice toast with homemade plum jam (2g 150c)

lunch: fruit and muller light yogert (1g 98c)

Dinner:quarn spag bol and banana (5.5g 466c)
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hey sparklyfiona, why dont you try swimming? it's easier on the joints because you're supported by the water but its the best exercise you can do and works every muscle group??

Good luck! and 20mins on the WII is fab! so don't put yourself down! slow and steady wins the race! - the more you make yourself do at first the more you'll hate it, build it up slow and you'll feel proud for doing some and then start to enjoy it!

thanks yummy mummy I wlked to asda for a bit of shopping and am off to walk the dog in a bit so its been a good start on the exercise frount:)
morning all,

ok so after last nights 30 min of powerwalking the dog, im up and ready for the day:) I have done my 20 min on the wii (doing step and yoga) and have started weighing my portion sizes OMG how much was i over eating before!!!! feeling good and i decided to miss the weigh in on the wii but gave in at the last second and it says 13:8!!! so how happy am i this morning!!! but I'm not going to update my stats till my proper WI on fri!!!

food diary

breakfast: banana and frosted wheats (3g 197c)

lunch: Kfc (44.2g 870c)

dinner:2x quarn sausages 2xslices bread (6.4g 322c)

Exercise: 20 min wii
45 min swimming
30 min walking dog
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You are doing great, keep it up and you will be rewarded! xx
ok its not a great day :( my kitten is not well so I have been on the phone all morning trying to find a vet as I dont get paid till thurs and the pdsa and rspca wont see her :( and today was supposed to be a quiet day without the kids so i can get on with my assignment as it needs to be resubmitted before we go away next monday!! still got loads to do today while i am waiting for the vet to call back so best get going xx

Food diary

breakfast: 1 slice toast and marmalade (1g 141c)

lunch:spag bol sauce with 1 slice bread and banana (5.3g 296c)

dinner:WW chicken and mushroom pasta (345c 9.6g)

total for day:15.4g 782c so far!!

Exercise 25 min wii (step/yoga/muscle workout)
30 min powerwalking the dog
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Hope everythings goes well with your kitten. You are doing well on the exercise front makes me feel lazy so will restart the wii today and get out and do some walking as for once its good weather.

thanks i think thats whats keeping me going the nice weather heaven knows what will help once it changes again?? well at least the dog is enjoying herself :)
the kitten is ok still not eating or drinking but vet thinks its a tummy bug but got to go back wednesday sooner if still not eating :(


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Good to know the kits not too serious.

Just noticed you are following sw as well. I lost 60lbs with them 2 years ago and have now put 40 back on. I am back losing again now and have been thinking of rejoining, how do you get on with following their plan while taking xenical?

i have to say i cant get on with SW and xenical, so i stopped going after a few weeks and now just calorie caunt and watch my fats and so far it seems to be working but i have found that exercise makes a huge diffrence as i was only losing about 1lb a week doing nothing and so far ive lost 1lb this week and i dont weight till fri!! so lets hope it keeps coming off!! if the ache in my legs and tum is any thing to go by something is working lol


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I was wondering how the 2 mixed together, I'll carry on just fat counting for the time being. Although I will throw in some exercise for good measure. Need all the help I can get!

morning, back on the wii today didnt do any yesterday as i was acheing like crazy!!

food diary

breakfast:40g frosted wheats &milk (3g 197c)

lunch:chix salad sanwhich (5g 400c ish)

Dinner:ate out mexican rice and spicy chix in a wrap few chips (?g ??C)

30 min wii
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hey fiona!!

please do tell what did u have for lunch?

hoope u had a good day?

luv katie
hi sorry been a bit awol for a few days the kids have been at mums so making the most of being childless lol
the exercise is going ok could be better still doing the wii every morn up to 30 min now but havent been out and walked the dog for a few days as been to busy:(

ok so today is weigh in and 2lb gone!!!! now at 13.7lb :)

so here goes with todays food diary
breakfast: banana
lunch:chix salad roll (7g 450c)
dinner: chilli and wedges ready meal (10g 364c)
banana and tiny bit custard (2g 150c)

exercise:20 min wii
hi all been AWOL again :) this time to pontins for a week with my nan and the girls, didnt stick to the diet 100% but i did as well as i could and took my pills most of the time yea!! so i missed my fri weigh in so dont know what the damage is (if any she thinks optamisticly:D) but i have just got the my fittness coach for the wii so am hoping to get that set up tomorow so i am up and running 100% on monday. i also have my weigh in at the docs on monday am a bit worried about that so lats hope i get another script.
on the home frount my new sofa is finally here so i can sit in comfort at last the down side is the hips are still ajusting to the new comfort and are giving me a lot of pain at the mo :( mind lots of driving in the last few days hasnt helped either :(:(
right i think ive bored you enough for now
hi all,
well the docs on monday went ok according to her scales I'm now 13st2lb fabtastic!!! so i have another script and another 2 weeks sick note but she is moking noises about me going back to work EEEEK!!!
last night was a bit of a washout involving a dominos pizza :( but its back on track today and on weighing ive lost another 2 lbs!!! so i am finally at 13 stone!!!! for the 1st time in 2ish years so its onward and downward from now on, esp as i have chossen a dress for our vagas trip in april to renew our vows and that needs to be oredered by the end of the month!! i would love to have it ordered in a 14 but realisticly i think 16/18 will be more likely which is a pain as it means paying to get it altered :( but its a great incentive to keep the weight off as i am planning to use this dress for my cousins wedding and my graduation both at the end of next year, and thats not mentioning the hol at xmas 2010 where i dont want to look like a blimp in the photos!!!
so special k with added fruit for breakky/lunch and tea it is then!!
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13.2lb is brilliant weight loss!

Well done Fiona!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
hi been away for a few days thanks to stoopid internet problems but hopefully they are sorted now,
food wise things arnt going too well:( i seem to have a snacking head on and cant seem to break out of it?? any suggestions?? i seem to be ok in the day its the evening thats worse, ive tryed hiding in the bath, getting on with my cross stitch and even shutting my self in my craft cupboard but although ive got loads done i still have the need to snack:(:( im trying to snack 'better' but its still not good, also with the girls being back at school im missing my pre dressing wii fit session as well so not good i really need to get back on it, i am hoping that i have sts when i weigh tomorow morning on the wii right off to bed to stop me eating any morexx

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