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specific brands

Hi all, I am finding it hard to find bacon/ham and mayonnaise that are nitrate/sugar free? do you use specific brands of stuff? I did this diet about 7 years ago with much success and have tried to get back on the wagon a few times with no success. I want to try again as it is amazing how much you can eat and how satisfied you feel, but I feel that I am cheating (or else I have read it is harder for returners), so want to be as strict as possible. Also, when you have 'salad' do you only have romaine/iceberg lettuce or any bagged salad? how strict are you all? any help would be most appreciated.
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hi nicky, i find that if i go too strict i mess up then have a huge binge so i try to be a little more relaxed about it as for the ham and bacon i just been having regular supermarket stuff and not going mad maybe 3/4 slice of bacon for example and a spoon of mayo here and there.

i think it is hard to get back into, i tried a few times to no avail, but this time i think i in the right frame of mind, that this is a choice i am making because i want to change the way i look and feel about myself, this is something that i control... what i eat so i am responsible for the outcome ( sorry for the rant) as for salad i use bagged salad as well as iceberg, best thing to do is get the book and have a read through to familarise yourself again good luck we all here if you need help!!! oh and dont forget to look at the reciepe thread its fabby !!!!

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