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  1. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    Hi I dabbled with slimming world for a couple of months last yr and whilst there learned they have 'speed foods' hinges like certain vegetables an fruit etc they said if you eat as many of those thing off that list in your week you may have a better lose. Anyone know what I'm talking about!? just was thinking if the same may apply to Ww f&h, what do you think?
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  3. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Silver Member

    I know what you're talking about but I don't think ww do that. I think you're supposed to eat fruit and veg with every meal so you get your 5 a day in. I could be wrong but I've never seen this on the ww plan. Hope this helps.

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  4. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    Thanks I no it's not on the plan just wondered if it wud work in the same principle. It's ok suppose its obvious to eat more fruit an veg an bulk out meals usin them :)

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